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Propan Workshop at LaSalle College Jakarta

On Friday, 30 October 2015, LaSalle College Jakarta has a guest speaker came from PROPAN to share about product knowledge for interior design student.

lasalle college jakarta

At first, Mr. Aceng as a representation from PROPAN explained about basic materials of interior design, which related with paint or product from PROPAN, such as texture and color. Afterward, welearned about finishing, especially about wood finishing, what are the products for wood finishing until application step of finishing. From the explanation from Mr. Aceng, we learned about how influential the finishing on woods, not only for the beauty but also to maintain the quality from the woods itself. The various applications for the finishing also make the woods have more character from covering something that the woods lack of or even make the woods look more have a certain quality. Mr. Aceng then explained that finishing are varied, not only of melamine we know that very often we hear and see, especially in Indonesia, Mr. Aceng informed that Propan has many kinds of finishing products, such as PROPAN ANTIQUE FINISH , Impra melamine, PROPAN WOODSTAIN, ULTRAN WOOD FINISHING, PROPAN PU, etc. and some finishing products of propan can be practiced directly in workshop sessions that have been provided by Mr.Seno and colleagues who will take over for the workshop sessions.

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In style Hong Kong 2015

Program Director of Digital Media Design, Teddy Suteja, as a moderator for Digital Marketing Seminar in Style Hong Kong 2015

in style hong kong

Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya declared the activities of In Style Hong Kong that held in Jakarta, improving partnership between Indonesia and Hong Kong. Minister Arief Yahya said, In Style Hong Kong is an important business meeting for Indonesia.

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Interior Design Program for Jakarta Property Week 2015

Program Director of Interior Design Program, Katherine Suteja, participated in conducting a seminar of Personal Touch for your living Room in the Jakarta Property Week 2015.

interior design program

In the midst of a weakening property growth last year, Rumah123.com took an initiative to present the Jakarta Property Week 2015 in Kartika Expo – Balai Kartini Jakarta, started from September, 17th -20th 2015 that was opened from 10 am to 9 pm. This event aims to help people find their dream property at an affordable price.

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LaSalle College Jakarta Seminar Bersama Irma Hardjakusumah

LaSalle College Jakarta mengundang Irma Hardjakusumah sebagai pembicara untuk berbagi pengalamannya didalam dunia design dan beberapa project besarnya beliau.

lasalle college jakarta


Irma Hardjakusumah, adalah desainer dengan pemenang penghargaan berbagai desain kategori dan lebih dari 15 tahun berpengalaman dalam desain Multidisciplinary, ditandai dengan prestasi di semua bidang terkait: desain pameran, desain acara, Experiential marketing, Retail / interior desain dan furniture desing.

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LaSalle College Jakarta Seminar with Irma Hardjakusumah

LaSalle College Jakarta invited Irma Hardjakusumah as a speaker to share her view regarding the multidisciplinary design and some of her previous major projects.

lasalle college jakarta

Irma Hardjakusumah, is an award-winning designer with a wide range of design vocabulary and over 15 years of experience in Multidisciplinary design marked with achievements in all fields related: exhibit design, event design, Experiential marketing, Retail/interior design and furniture desing.

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Interior Design Mengadakan Seminar Prediksi Tren Warna 2015

Pada hari Senin kemarin, Interior Design departemen telah sukses dalam menyelenggarakan seminar dan workshop di kampus LaSalle College Jakarta yang diadakan oleh Aksata Communication.

interior designAksata Communication dan LaSalle College Jakarta telah berhasil membuat ruangan serbaguna LaSalle menjadi lebih menarik dan juga interaktif, hal ini dikarenakan penyelenggaraan seminar dan workshop dengan tema “How To Predict Color Trend” yang diisi oleh Dendi Daniyanti seorang Brand Consultant dan juga pastinya Francis Surjasaputera yang merupakan President of HDII/President of APSDA sebagai pembicara acara tersebut.

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Interior Design Held a Seminar of Predict Color Trend 2015

On Monday 15th of June, Interior Design department has been successful in organizing seminars and workshops at LaSalle College Jakarta campus which held by Aksata Communication.

interior designAksata Communication and LaSalle College Jakarta has managed to create a multifunction room becomes more attractive and interactive, this was due to the organization of seminars and workshops with the theme of “How To Predict Color Trend” which were filled by Dendi Daniyanti as a Brand Consultant and also Francis Surjasaputera which is President of HDII / President of APSDA as a speaker of the event.

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