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LaSalle College Jakarta presents Fashion Bloom and Organicolony 2015

Jakarta, August 2015 – LaSalle College Jakarta successfully held an event called Fashion Bloom – Organicolony 2015 on 18th -21st August at Main Atrium Citywalk Sudirman.

lasalle college jakarta

Fashion Bloom Organicolony is a collaboration between all program at LaSalle College Jakarta, which are; Fashion Business, Artistic Make Up, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Photography. “ORGANICOLONY” is theme for this year.

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Photography LaSalle College Jakarta Participated in ABNON 2015.

Photography program LaSalle College Jakarta involved in the Final of Abang None 2015.

photography   photography

The Annual event of Abang None 2015 from the best provincial level in Jakarta was held again. Abang None 2015 to become an event that not only about the beauty and handsomeness, but also general knowledge and intelligence of selecting talents in the field of arts and culture.

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Photography LaSalle College Jakarta Berpartisipasi Dalam ABNON 2015.

Program Photography LaSalle College Jakarta terlibat dalam kegiatan Abang None Jakarta 2015 dari mulai pertama sampai malam final.

photography   photography

Ajang pemilihan putra-putri terbaik tingkat provinsi di DKI Jakarta kembali digelar. Abang None 2015 menjadi sebuah ajang yang tidak hanya menyeleksi kecantikan dan ketampanan remaja berusia 18-25 tahun saja, namun juga penyeleksian intelegensi pengetahuan umum serta bakat yang dimiliki di bidang seni budaya.

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Kompetisi Fotografi dan Pameran Desain Interior di Blooming Vision

LaSalle College Jakarta secara eksklusif mengadakan  Kompetisi Fotografi dan Pameran Desain Interior yang dilaksanakan di main atrium mall Lotte Shopping Avenue pada tanggal 18 – 29 May 2015.

kompetisi fotografi

Dengan tema BLOOMING VISION, LaSalle College Jakarta mencoba menghadirkan karya-karya dari fotografer muda berpotensial dengan karya yang tidak saja indah namun juga memiliki sebuah visi yang kuat yang di dalamnya mencakup ide, pesan dan juga konsep yang matang. Dari tangan-tangan kreatif 9 orang student Photography dari LaSalle College Jakarta menghadirkan 31 karya photo yang menarik. Mereka yang berpartisipasi adalah: Previan F Pangalila, Digo Budi Milyarwan, Syifa Fachrunissa, Annishya Muldya, Michelle Mulia, FX Adhika Dhananjaya, Davy Reinaldo, Shinta Hoed dan Vanessa Bernadette .

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Photography Competition and Interior Design Exhibition in Blooming Vision

LaSalle College Jakarta was successfully held the Photography Competition and Interior Design Exhibition 2015 in Blooming Vision at Atrium of Lotte Shopping Avenue on 22nd May 2015.

photography competitionLaSalle College Jakarta showed around 32 best photos from Photography students; Previan F Pangalila, Digo Budi Milyarwan, Syifa Fachrunissa, Annishya Muldya, Michelle Mulia, FX Adhika Dhananjaya, Davy Reinaldo, Shinta Hoed dan Vanessa Bernadette. And also 11 works from Interior Design students; Thalia Ishak, Helzeinka Igna, Kefi Harle, Iqbal Lazuardi, Jessica Hasan, Rizka Azalia, Alicia, Cassandra, Faleriano dan Iqna. We organized the Photography Competition to tone up and gave appreciation to young Photographers.

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LCI Jakarta In Collaboration With Central Park Mall Jakarta On Its 4th Anniversary

LaSalle College International Jakarta took part in the festivities of the 4th Anniversary Celebration of Central Park Mall Jakarta on 14 – 22 September 2013. LaSalle College International Jakarta has the opportunities to showcase its student’s works for four consecutive years in the mall that won the award of The Best Retail Development and Public Service in Indonesia and Asia Pacific by Asia Pacific Property Awards.

This year 8 of our Photography students have the opportunity to showcase their works through an exhibition called “Spectrum”. They are Andre Atrmaja, Carleen Sutio Prananto, Cleantha Audrey Salim, Edward Lee, Jourdan Febu, M. Juliovimo Rivai, Prita Primasari, and Wina Namara. They were challenged to make a photo with a specific theme especially for this anniversary project.

Not only that, our Fashion Design students: Ivenna Anthonia, Yuliana, Aswin Satrio Aji, Maretta, Syiela Bintoro, and Priscilla Maharani and Artistic Make Up students: Morin Iwashita, Lidia, Vivi Suyenti, Sherene Stephanie, Niken, Yosella and Silvia Chandra also show their creation through a Fashion and Make Up show in a very beautiful stage in the mall. The show called AU.RO.RA attracted hundreds of people in the Central Park Mall Jakarta.

Douwes Lasmana

Fashion Show AURORA at Central Park Mall

LCI Jakarta in Collaboration With Central Park Mall Jakarta On Its 4th Anniversary.

LaSalle College International Jakarta always tries to provide the best place possible to promote students as well as to brand the college in top quality venues.

Photography Exhibition at Central Park Mall

Photography Exhibition On

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LaSalle College International Surabaya Participated in Photography Day by Suara Surabaya Media, 23rd June 2013 At Pakuwon City.

Photography has become quite major in everbody’s life nowadays. We can say technology and lifestyle are behind this. People tend to take pictures and then upload them to Social Media just to spoil our narcissism. Many Photography events held everywhere to accommodate this, including in Surabaya.

Photography Day At Pakuwon City

One of them is the “Photography Day” held by Suara Surabaya Media, the leading radio station in Surabaya. LaSalle College Surabaya didn’t want to miss the chance to participate in it, to capture the attention from more or less 350 photographers / wannabes on our Photography program.

In this Photo Rally Competition, there were many spots, where the participants obliged to take shots. LaSalle College International Surabaya brought five garments of our alumni Margaretha Yusuf, alongside with the models to be the final spot of the competition. It was really interesting to see all the participants called out the models to look at them and their camera to be able to get the best shot. The beautiful dresses, the model’s expression matched up with the eagerness to win, from all the participants.

LaSalle College International Surabaya also managed to promote and socialized the Photography and other programs alongside with the intake date informations.

Are you the next big names in Photography field ? Let’s ensure your shots by join Photography program in LaSalle College International Surabaya for September Intake right now ! Please contact: Ms Titi / Ms Lisa or Mr Stevan: 031 – 562 5000 or e-mail us: infosby@lasallecollege.ac.id for further informations.

LaSalle Surabaya On Photography Day At Pakuwon City

Photography Rally Competition At Pakuwon City

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