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Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H !

Greeting Eid Mubarak 1434 LaSalle College International Jakarta

Dear All, Warmest Greetings From LaSalle College International Jakarta !

On behalf of the whole Civitas Academica LaSalle College International Jakarta wish you Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H.

We wish you enjoy this festive season and fill your days with joy and happiness with your family and loved ones !

Warm Regards,

Admissions and Promotion Department Of LaSalle College International | Indonesia
Member of the LaSalle International Network

Sahid Office Boutique Unit D – F (Komp. Hotel Sahid Jaya)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 86 Jakarta 10220
Tel:+622157851819. Fax: +622157851820. Mobile: 0813 1882 6200. BB PIN: 26544C1E.

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Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists From LaSalle College International Surabaya 24th June 2013.

LaSalle College International Surabaya is one of the pioneers in Fashion Design Program here in Surabaya. The alumnus and the students managed to participate in various recommended and prestigious competitions and also won them.

Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists From LCI Surabaya 24th June 2013

One of the competitions is AMICA Fashion Design Competition. On the year 2013, LaSalle College International Surabaya sent some of our students and alumnus to join in this competition. The result is two of them managed to become the TOP 10 Finalists.

Given the theme based on “Indonesian Culture” by the AMICA Committee, each of them pick one theme to be their inspiration. Calvin Limanto came up with the inspiration from a bird who nearly in extinction in Borneo, named “Sikep Madu”. His collection dominated by the color black and white as those two colors are the colors of the bird.

Gabriel Soegiyono found the inspiration from a traditional house from Toraja called “Tongkonan”. His collection consists of three colors: black, red and light brown as this colors are the only colors ever existed in Tongkonan. LaSalle College International Surabaya is really proud of their achievement, and we couldn’t help but to spread this good news to public of Surabaya.

On Monday, 24th June 2013, a media representative from Jawa Pos and JTV interviewed this two AMICA finalists and covered their stories on how to participate, found the inspiration and meet the deadline of making total six Designs ( garments ) and for sure on how to become the Top 10 finalists. The two media representatives were really enthusiast in interviewing Calvin and Gabriel. Those medias asked quite detailed questions to those two AMICA finalist from LaSalle College International Surabaya and covered their Designs well.

By doing this coverage, hopefully it can urge people who have passion for Fashion to join LaSalle College International Surabaya to reach out for their dreams on becoming a great Designer. Eureka !

You might be the next super FAB designers in the Fashion world ! Don’t hesitate to join with us here at LaSalle College International Surabaya. Submit now! Call now: 031. 562 5000 for more informations or else e-mail us: infosby@lasallecollege.ac.id.

Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists

AMICA Finalists

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LaSalle College International Surabaya Participated in Photography Day by Suara Surabaya Media, 23rd June 2013 At Pakuwon City.

Photography has become quite major in everbody’s life nowadays. We can say technology and lifestyle are behind this. People tend to take pictures and then upload them to Social Media just to spoil our narcissism. Many Photography events held everywhere to accommodate this, including in Surabaya.

Photography Day At Pakuwon City

One of them is the “Photography Day” held by Suara Surabaya Media, the leading radio station in Surabaya. LaSalle College Surabaya didn’t want to miss the chance to participate in it, to capture the attention from more or less 350 photographers / wannabes on our Photography program.

In this Photo Rally Competition, there were many spots, where the participants obliged to take shots. LaSalle College International Surabaya brought five garments of our alumni Margaretha Yusuf, alongside with the models to be the final spot of the competition. It was really interesting to see all the participants called out the models to look at them and their camera to be able to get the best shot. The beautiful dresses, the model’s expression matched up with the eagerness to win, from all the participants.

LaSalle College International Surabaya also managed to promote and socialized the Photography and other programs alongside with the intake date informations.

Are you the next big names in Photography field ? Let’s ensure your shots by join Photography program in LaSalle College International Surabaya for September Intake right now ! Please contact: Ms Titi / Ms Lisa or Mr Stevan: 031 – 562 5000 or e-mail us: infosby@lasallecollege.ac.id for further informations.

LaSalle Surabaya On Photography Day At Pakuwon City

Photography Rally Competition At Pakuwon City

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Fashion Show LaSalle College International Surabaya At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra, June 22nd 2013.

Think about celebrating weekend by hanging out at mall and mix it with attending a small Fashion Show, then this could be it. LaSalle College International Surabaya brought two of our alumnus to participate in Toping Off of Ciputra Hotel, held on Rotunda, V Walk – Ciputra World, Surabaya.

Those two designers from LaSalle, brought each of their mini collections, cited two really different lines. Gabriel Soegiyono came up with collections the Design inspired of senoritas in Spain doing “Flamenco Dance”. It showed on his Design sexy yet elegant lines from the dresses. We could feel sexy instantly just by looking at his collections.

Kristy Winaldy on the other hand represented the beauty of a true Indonesian lady. She came up with a mini collection of modern kebaya. By looking at her collection, we could sense the twist of traditional values with some modern values by the Design. “Eclectic” is the right word to describe her collections.

In shorter words, those two designers from LaSalle College International Surabaya managed to steal the lime light and lightened up the nite At Ciputra World that night. Bravo !

If you wanna be like them, doing what they love and be succesfull on the path you choose, Join Us in Fashion Design Program, LaSalle College International Surabaya. Now !

For further informations, please call: 031 562 5000 or e – mail us: infosby@lasallecollege.ac.id.

Fashion Show At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra LaSalle College International Surabaya

Toping Off Hotel Ciputra

Fashion Show At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra

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Essence De L’Audace, LaSalle College International Surabaya Graduation Ceremony 2012

LaSalle College International, Surabaya successfully held its 2012 Graduation – Exhibition – Fashion Show and Celebration ; a collaborative event of its 5 programs, Digital Media Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design and Photography, on a bright September 29, 2012.

Grad Show LaSalle College International Surabaya

In that event, we experience what’s possible with the spirit of the bold – an amazing experience that makes your heart race like it’s exploding from within. Discover it in the spirit of “Essence de l’Audace”, something that larger than life.

As stated in the message, it means that even many barricades can’t prevent LaSalle College International, Surabaya from always and keep on trying, pushing itselves to the edge of boundaries – and being successful with the challenge.

Models in Grad Show LaSalle Surabaya

And it transcends in the exhibition : the uberprogram Digital Media Design and Photography came with a paperless presentation. Evereything was brought on giant screens. Fashion Design Department presented the finalist and winners of Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2012 in metallics, brights and calming hues.

Interior Design, always height obsessed, presented the student project vertically. Fashion Business, inspired by the Eye of London, presented its student project in a black and white tunnel full of myriad styles of beautiful leather goods with chic details, bohemian luxuries, and bon vivant flair at the price you’ll love.

Graduation Show Ceremony LaSalle College International Surabaya

For the collection showed by Fashion Design Program, 15 sequences with lots of sequined as major pieces or accents in bouffant long dresses, bodices, lots of standout colors but also neutrals in nude palette and big sleeves which truly moved the crowd.

We love the drama, from avant-garde Edgyquestrian, Automoton Gynoid and Dematerialization to ladylike Mini Collections and Tying the Knots collections – and their brilliant way with accessories that stamp the looks as true originals. Really a tour de force collection.

Graduation Show LaSalle College International Surabaya

However these young aspiring designers say that, “The goal in the end is to feel comfortable and confident and not look like anyone else.” Mission accomplished.
Are you ready to be part of the new generations of thought trendsetters ?

Call Shelly / Christy / Kimmie – 031.562.5000 to get more interesting information and discount for Bachelor Level in Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Photography.

Essence De L'Audace

Presents in Graduation Show LaSalle College Internaitonal Surabaya

Digital Media Design

Gaun Pengantin

LaSalle College International Surabaya GradShow

Sexy Purple Dress

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LaSalle College International Surabaya Open House – Dari Minat Menuju Profesi

Ada sesuatu yang lebih dari sekedar WorkShop gratis yang dibimbing oleh para dosen yang sangat kompeten dan berpengalaman atau apalagi sekedar kudapan gratis yang membuat orang kembali dan kembali lagi ke Open House LaSalle College International Surabaya dan meninggalkan kesibukan mereka, apapun itu.

WorkShop Open House LCI Surabaya Bersama Aida Nurmala Dan Harumi Davita

Adanya selalu pengetahuan baru dan luas-lah yang mereka hargai dan kali ini setelah terbayangi dan disalah – artikan selama ini oleh banyak orang – LaSalle College International Surabaya mengedepankan Departemen Bisnis Fashion dengan mengusung tema: Presentasi Fashion, di suatu Sabtu yang cerah, tanggal 14 Juli 2012.

Presentasi Fashion adalah salah satu mata kuliah yang diajarkan di Departemen Bisnis Fashion, LaSalle College International, Surabaya, dimana dosen menjabarkan mata kuliah teori dan praktek ini dengan didukung latihan dan studi kasus dalam merencanakan suatu peragaan busana.

Aida Nurmala Dalam Open House LCI Surabaya

Dan bicara tentang perencanaan peragaan busana, tak ada seorangpun yang lebih memahaminya dengan lebih baik dari Harumi Davita, Kordinator Departemen Bisnis Fashion, LaSalle College International Surabaya.

Untuk memperkaya event reguler ini, LaSalle College International Surabaya mengundang Aida Nurmala (ya, benar, Aida juga seorang penggila mode atau fashion dan aktris) sebagai pemilik Studio One, Jakarta – perencana, kordinator dan organisator event fashion pertama dan terbesar di Indonesia.

Harumi Davita dengan Aida Nurmala dalam Open House Lasalle College International Surabaya

Dua wanita cantik ini berbagi dengan para hadirin yang antusias bagaimana cara mengatur kendala bujet dan tempat, bagaimana menyesuaikan peragaan dengan kebutuhan klien atau menyelaraskan suatu tema dengan musim dan profil klien, bagaimana cara mengatur distribusi barang dan musik serta rasa sesuai dengan rencana sekuen dan sebagainya.

Semua hal tersebut diatas menimbulkan antusiasme yang lebih lagi setelah para hadirin menonton presentasi visual peragaan busana para Desainer Fashion papan atas Indonesia yang diorganisir oleh Studio One, sebelum mereka memasuki ruangan WorkShop.

Desain Interior

Workshop Departemen Bisnis Fashion bertema “Kreasi Merk Mode”, Departemen Desain Fashion bertemakan “Ilustrasi Mode”, Departemen Desain Interior dengan “Komputerisasi Desain Interior” dan Desain Media Digital dengan “Games Canggih”.

Ya, bicara tentang bagaimana mengadakan Open House, semua tergantung kepada siapa yang menyelenggarakannya.

Jadi, untuk mereka yang mendambakan untuk bergabung dengan tim manajemen Gucci, Ferragamo, Miyake, Givenchy, Ferre, pasti harus bergabung dengan Departemen Bisnis Mode – Sarjana, Diploma, Sertifikat and Kursus Singkat di LaSalle College International karena Departemen Bisnis Fashion LaSalle College International – lah yang PERTAMA, TERBESAR, DAN TERBAIK di Indonesia.
Tunggu apalagi, telpon Shelly/Icha/Putri/Kimmie di 031.562.5000 untuk info menarik selanjutnya termasuk dapatkan harga lama dan diskon !

LCI Surabaya Adakan Open House 2012 Bersama Aida Nurmala

Pameran Desain Interior Dalam Open House LCI Surabaya

Fashion Business WorkShop With Aida Nurmala

Pameran Interior Design LCI Surabaya dalam Open House 2012

Aida Nurmala Berbagi Ilmu Dalam Open House LCI Surabaya

Antusiasme Peserta WorkShop Open House LCI Surabaya

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Talk Show Launching LuVe Litee Campina – LaSalle College International Surabaya

LuVe Litee Campina

If you think that ice cream has nothing to do with design or fashion in particular. Well, LaSalle College International Surabaya will show you the opposite.

It is not only that both of it give pleasure to and stimulate our senses, but also both of it started with creative fantasy feeling during its production process.

TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Last but not least the launching of the light in calory ice cream version is seriously, very, really related to the debatable regular request of being fashionable: it keeps you being slim fashionistas !

Since the week end is as good a time as any to press the refresh button on your look so Ms.Julanita, teacher of Fashion Design Program and Harumi Davita, also teacher of Fashion Business Program share to the audience the crucial tips and tricks of avoiding fashion disaster based on 5 different fashion character: sporty, bohemian, formal, party chic and vintage.

Lasalle Surabaya Presents LuVe Litee Campina

No one puts a look together quite like these two beautiful young ladies – which is precisely what makes their garment selection so completely covetable. They also give example how to instantly transform your look with a pair of boldly shaped shades or statement jewelry like a colorful, geometric door-knocker earrings.

Clearly the Talk Show make the audience very enthusiastic in participating. Should you want to be a expert as they are, join LaSalle College International Surabaya – Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate and Short Course of Fashion Business and Fashion Design Program.

Get a last bite of old price if you are interested and wanna be part of LCI, by calling Ms.Shelly, Icha or Putri 031.562.5000 before end of June !

LuVe Litee Campina TalkShow With Fashion Design and Fashion Business

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Talk Show With LuVe Litee Campina

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

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