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SIGNATURE 2014 On Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

As the biggest Fashion Week in Indonesia which became platforms of the Indonesian Fashion industry, Jakarta Fashion Week set the bar for the Indonesian Fashion, demonstrated the talent and creativity of fashion designers throughout Indonesia. As an International Design College, LaSalle College International Jakarta continually produce young talented designers who are ready to compete in the global creative industry.

This year LaSalle was back to present their 4th show in Jakarta Fashion Week which called Signature 2014. The Signature 2014 held at the Fashion Tent of Senayan City on October 20, 2013. Here are the students and alumni from our Fashion Design and Fashion Business Program showcased their latest collections:

1. LaSalle College International Jakarta Graduates Students: Aswin Satrio Aji, Lily Rika, Hisa Yo, Jesica Suprin, showing their graduate collections.
2. FER & DACT. By Feroline Anggraeni – “Morocco’s Echo”: Inspired by the culture and architecture from Morocco
3. NOW.HERE By Dhea Tanya Denada, Dian Joanita, and Kristina – “TRIANGLE”: A mens wear collection with a strong foundation or stability, as it is rooted to the ground through a solid base
4. Marie + Lu By Marsha Siagian and Yvonne Lumongga – “Intrepid Massai”: The synchronicity between a majestic Massai tribes man’s desire for freedom and the freedom of having work no longer
5. Andhita Siswandi By Andhita Siswandi – “One Fine Evening”: dedicated to urban women who want to show her feminine side in every appearance.

By participating in Jakarta Fashion Week, the graduates and students of LaSalle College International Jakarta had a unique opportunity to compete on the national and international Fashion platform and contributing in Fashion industry. LaSalle College International Jakarta is The Best Design College In Jakarta with international standards, offering an Advanced Diploma from Montréal, Canada.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

Signature 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week

LCI Jakarta On JFW 2014

Fashion Show JFW 2014

JFW 2014 Fashion Show

Signature 2014 On JFW 2014

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LaSalle International Making Inroads In Europe

LaSalle International announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with the design school Felicidad Duce, FDModa, thus making its debut in Europe. This partnership will allow FDModa, a key figure in higher Fashion education in Barcelona, to benefit from the strength of a network of 21 campuses located in 11 countries, thus ensuring global exposure.

FD Moda Barcelona

This partnership brings LaSalle International into a new phase and clearly demonstrates its willingness to develop and position its brand among the world’s best Fashion and Design schools. This association will also offer students of all campuses the opportunity to further their academic careers by participating in the network’s Study Abroad Program.

“We are very proud to welcome FDModa, a renowned educational institution that has managed over the years to develop an innovative educational concept in Spain, whose legacy the organization has taken pride in for over 85 years,” stated Claude Marchand, Executive Vice President of LaSalle International. To learn more: FDModa.

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LCI Jakarta In Collaboration With Central Park Mall Jakarta On Its 4th Anniversary

LaSalle College International Jakarta took part in the festivities of the 4th Anniversary Celebration of Central Park Mall Jakarta on 14 – 22 September 2013. LaSalle College International Jakarta has the opportunities to showcase its student’s works for four consecutive years in the mall that won the award of The Best Retail Development and Public Service in Indonesia and Asia Pacific by Asia Pacific Property Awards.

This year 8 of our Photography students have the opportunity to showcase their works through an exhibition called “Spectrum”. They are Andre Atrmaja, Carleen Sutio Prananto, Cleantha Audrey Salim, Edward Lee, Jourdan Febu, M. Juliovimo Rivai, Prita Primasari, and Wina Namara. They were challenged to make a photo with a specific theme especially for this anniversary project.

Not only that, our Fashion Design students: Ivenna Anthonia, Yuliana, Aswin Satrio Aji, Maretta, Syiela Bintoro, and Priscilla Maharani and Artistic Make Up students: Morin Iwashita, Lidia, Vivi Suyenti, Sherene Stephanie, Niken, Yosella and Silvia Chandra also show their creation through a Fashion and Make Up show in a very beautiful stage in the mall. The show called AU.RO.RA attracted hundreds of people in the Central Park Mall Jakarta.

Douwes Lasmana

Fashion Show AURORA at Central Park Mall

LCI Jakarta in Collaboration With Central Park Mall Jakarta On Its 4th Anniversary.

LaSalle College International Jakarta always tries to provide the best place possible to promote students as well as to brand the college in top quality venues.

Photography Exhibition at Central Park Mall

Photography Exhibition On

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LaSalle College International Jakarta Packed With Hundreds of People

LaSalle College International Jakarta Campus was packed with hundreds of new students during the Orientation Day that was held on September 5th – 6th 2013. The students in each programs is given the detailed information about the college in preparation for them to be a college student.

Mr. Mario Poulin, the General Director of LaSalle College International Jakarta greeted all the students in the multifunction area followed by Academic Team and Finance department to explain about the rules and regulations and also the payment procedure.

It was even more fun when they had the team building session with the Student Government Association (SGA) and also the student counselor Ms, Ajeng Raviando through a series of games and activities. The objective of Orientation Day is to introduce the college to the new students and make them feel like home while they are at school.

Welcome abroad students ! Good luck !

Orientation Day For September 2013 Intake

Orientation Day September 2013

Orientation Day LaSalle College International Jakarta September 2013

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Student Government Association of LCI Jakarta – Cares And Shares Event

Last Saturday, August 31st 2013, the Student Government Association (SGA) of LaSalle Jakarta successfully held a charity event, called “Shares And Cares”. On this day, the member of the SGA shared their knowledge to the orphanage named Panti Yatim Indonesia and at the end of the event the member of SGA also served nutritious meal for the orphans to eat.

The objective of this event is to give back to the community by sharing the joy to the orphans. The students taught them to Design a 3D scenery box to stimulate their creativity. Besides that, the SGA members also raised fund to help the operational of this orphanage to cover their living cost and education cost.

LaSalle College International Jakarta always tries to give back to the community.

LaSalle Jakarta Shares and Cares At Panti Yatim Indonesia

Student Government Association Of LaSalle Jakarta Shares and Cares

A Charity Event Of LaSalle Jakarta

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LaSalle College International Jakarta On ITCEF 2013

Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board together with related business associations and fully supported by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic of Indonesia held “Indonesia Tourism & Creative Economy Fair 2013” on August 30 – September 1, at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

Indonesia Tourism And Creative Economy Fair 2013

Indonesia Tourism & Creative Economy Fair 2013 (ITCEF 2013) exhibition featuring tourism products and the largest creative economy products in Indonesia. As an international college which relates to the creative industry, LaSalle College International Jakarta took part in ITCEF 2013 exhibition.

The objective of this event is to introduce the international education in the field of Design. The event has succesfully attracted many tourism and creative enthusiasts.

LaSalle College International Jakarta On ITCEF 2013

LCI Jakarta On ITCEF 2013

LCI Jakarta On ITCEF 2013 at JCC

LaSalle Jakarta On ITCEF 2013

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Final Result Of Styling Competition By Clarks And LaSalle College International Jakarta

Finally, after 6 weeks since the competition started, LaSalle College International and Clarks held the final judging on 16 August 2013. After a tough judging session, here come the result of this competition. Then, the winners photos will be used for Clarks Campaign with their credit on each campaign.

Winners of SepatuClarks Styling Competition

The winners Of Styling Competition By Clarks and LaSalle College International Jakarta are:

Casual: Group 6
Ines Ariani (FD)
Gabriel Olivia (FB)
Wina Namara (PH)
Tia (AMU)

Dress to Show: Group 2
Eunike Sconita (FD)
Neliz Samala (FB)
Pritha Primasari (PH)
Lidia (AMU)

Working: Group 6
Ines Ariani (FD)
Gabriel Olivia (FB)
Wina Namara (PH)
Tia (AMU)

The Most Favorite: Group 5
Stephanie (FD)
Yessica Gunawan (FB)
Weldy (PH)

Congratulations to the winners and keep working !

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