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LaSalle College Jakarta presents Fashion Bloom and Organicolony 2015

Jakarta, August 2015 – LaSalle College Jakarta successfully held an event called Fashion Bloom – Organicolony 2015 on 18th -21st August at Main Atrium Citywalk Sudirman.

lasalle college jakarta

Fashion Bloom Organicolony is a collaboration between all program at LaSalle College Jakarta, which are; Fashion Business, Artistic Make Up, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Photography. “ORGANICOLONY” is theme for this year.

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Interior Design Workshop 101 Toolbox di INDOESTRI

Pada Selasa, 28 Juli 2015, mahasiswa Furniture dan kelas II produksi pergi ke INDOESTRI untuk bergabung di interior design workshop 101 toolbox.

interior design workshopSebelumnya, beberapa siswa – siswi kami telah mengunjungi tempat dan bertemu dengan pemiliknya yaitu Leo, beliau berbagi pengalaman dan kisah mengenai INDOESTRI. Kali ini, siswa – siswi kami mencoba menciptakan toolbox mereka sendiri dengan menggunakan mesin di INDOESTRI.

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Interior Design Workshop 101 Toolbox at INDOESTRI

On Tuesday, 28th July 2015, students of Furniture and production II class went to INDOESTRI to join the Interior Design workshop 101 toolbox.

interior design workshopPreviously, some of our students had visited the place and met the owner, Leo, sharing experience and the story of INDOESTRI. This time, students experienced creating their own toolbox, using the machine at the INDOESTRI.

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Interior Design dan Digital Media Design Student competing in SKETCH & WIN.

On Monday morning, 6 July 2015, 11 students from Digital Media Design and Interior Design went to Blitz, Grand Indonesia to join the Sketch & Win competition.    digital media design

As they opened a new concept for the look of Blitz Grand Indonesia, they opened a competition for public to sketch any spots of their interior. Also, all participants could choose which area they prefer to sketch and decorate the spots. Our students from Digital Media Design and Interior Design participated in the competitions.

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Kegiatan Melukis Bersama Nippon Paint

Pada 23 Juni 2015, Mahasiswa desain interior dari kelas ‘applied color’ pergi ke PT. NIPSEA PAINT dan CHEMICALS (Nippon Paint) untuk kegiatan Nippon Momento, Enhancer Series.

nippon paintKabar baiknya adalah LaSalle College Jakarta adalah sekolah pertama yang datang untuk workshop ini. Tim dari Nippon Paint menyambut kami dengan sangat baik dan membawa semua siswa ke daerah workshop, mereka yaitu Ms Linda Kam, Yuliana Ekadewi, Wendy Lim dan Foong Ser Leen. Pertama, mereka mempresentasikan tentang Trend Warna luar 2015/2016, serta Nippon Momento, efek cat khusus. Hal tersebut sangat benar-benar menarik untuk melihat warna-warna cat yang saat ini lagi jadi trend tidak hanya warna saja, tapi ada juga tekstur dan pola.

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Painting workshop at Nippon Paint

On June 23rd, 2015. Interior design students from ‘applied color’ class went to PT. NIPSEA PAINT and CHEMICALS (Nippon Paint) for the Nippon Momento Worksop I, Enhancer Series.

nippon paintThe great news is LaSalle College Jakarta is the first institutions who came for this workshop.The team from Nippon Paint welcomed us very nicely and brought all the students to the workshop area. They are Ms. Linda Kam, Yuliana Ekadewi, Wendy Lim and Foong Ser Leen. Firstly, they presented the about Trend Beyond Colors 2015/2016, as well as the Nippon Momento, Special effect paint. It was really interesting to see that painting nowadays it not only color, there are also texture and pattern.

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Seminar by Katherine Suteja (Interior Design PD) at ACE PAINT (Clark & Kensington) Lauching at JCC.

On Thursday, 4 June 2015, there was an event held by ACE PAINT at Jakarta Convention Center as a part of INDOBUILDTECH expo 2015 and they invited LaSalle College Jakarta interior design Program Director to be the guest speaker.   interior design

The event had two sessions, which both could be attended by Interior Design students as well as students from High School, to know more about interior design. The seminar was about ‘Personal Touch for your Bedroom’, discussing about the color theory, color matches with personality, psychology of color, and of course, how to personalize the bedroom. It is interesting that bedroom as the private area at the residential project, is a place for everyone to relax and rewind after their whole day activities. Therefore, it is also the right place for us to express our personality, so does color, color is very personal and it is an expression of our creativity. Hence, using the right color could also enhance our personality and the emotions, mood that we want in our room.

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