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Video Mapping di “Psychedelight” Seminar LCI Jakarta

Video Mapping merupakan suatu perkembangan teknlogi yang diminati oleh para praktisi multimedia dan semakin menjadi pembicaraan hangat dikalangan masyarakat akhir-akhir ini. Sadar akan hal itu, LaSalle College International Jakarta jurusan Digital Media Design menggelar seminar bertajuk ”Psychedelight” pada 6 Oktober 2012 lalu.

Video Mapping, Psychedelight Seminar LCI Jakarta

LaSalle College International Jakarta mendatangkan seorang yang ahli dalam hal multimedia dan Video Mapping, tidak lain dia adalah Isha Hening, Motion Graphic Designer. Dalam Psychedelight ini, Isha Hening memberikan live demo Video Mapping yang disambut dengan sangat antusias oleh para peserta, Isha juga membagi pengalaman kepada para peserta Seputar keahlianya di bidang Motion Graphic.

Isha Hening in Psychedelight Seminar Lasalle College International Jakarta

Bagi kalian yang tertarik dengan dunia Digital Media Design bisa langsung bergabung dengan kami di LaSalle College International Jakarta. Tunggu acara – acara menarik kami selanjutnya ya !

Isha Hening Explain About Video Mapping

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Meet our Computer Graphics and Multimedia Coordinators

Anton Junaedi 

A graduate of STT Telkom Bandung, Anton has vast experience in the field of multimedia. He has handled such high-prestige projects as creating program promos for ASTRO TV, Channel Identity and Internstatials. He also has experience creating TVCs for products such as TRI, Jetz, Bonneto and Mix Max. In his free time, he enjoys watching football.

Teddy Suteja 

A member of the Art Directors Club of New York, he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a major in Graphic Design. He also co-owns a photography and graphic printing company in Jakarta. With both a father and sister who are professional photographers, the medium also comes naturally to Teddy. He does photography as a hobby and loves taking pictures when the mood takes him.

Computer Graphics and Multimedia at LaSalle College International Jakarta

The work of graphic designers is ever-present in our lives: the layout of your favourite magazine, the brand logos you recognize, annual reports and company websites, the label on your choice of wine and the characters of your favourite computer games.

Our Computer Graphics & Multimedia Program offers stimulating challenges for individuals who are passionate about computers and seeking a creative career involving design, digital imaging, sound and animation. Throughout your studies, you will discover the most popular layout, illustration and image editing software in the industry, develop your creativity and produce a unique portfolio that will enable you to obtain your next dream job!

More about our Computer Graphics and Multimedia Program

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