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Fashion Nation is annual Fashion event which held by Senayan City. One of the most popular shopping center in Jakarta. This year was held from 27 March to 5 April 2014. The theme of this Fashion Nation is Infinite Style. LaSalle College Jakarta had the privilledge to collaborate with PT.Transmarco, which own famous footwear brand; Hush Puppies, Noche, and Antton & Co.

LaSalle College Jakarta had opportunities to show off the students creativity for  2 days. The first day was collaboration between our Fashion Design students, Artistic Make Up students and shoe brands ; Hush Puppies and Noche. Totally, there were 3 sequences which consisted of 30 garments from 26 students of Fashion Design showed on this Fashion Show.

On the Second day, our Artistic Make Up students had the chance to work together with Antton & Co. Antton& Co, the shoe brand from Spain. The show was unique, because the male models were body painted by our students.

This great event not only proof that LaSalle students able to to compete in professional field, but also proof that LaSalle students ready to give contribution in fashion & beauty industry, either national or international level.

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LaSalle College Jakarta was succesfully held its Annual Graduation Show, I.MADE : Indonesia Made : LaSalle Celebration 2014, last Saturday, April 12th 2013 at The Hall Senayan City

I.MADE is a graduation celebration where 152 graduates of LaSalle College Jakarta showcase their design pieces through variety of activities; fashion show, interior design installation, digital media design exhibition and photography exhibition, artistic make up performance, body painting trial and also interactive installation. Through this creative show, audiences will able to witness and experience the holistic concept of design. Offered by Fashion Design Program, Fashion Business Program, Artistic Make Up Program, Interior Design Program, Digital Media Program, and Photography Program.

The event was divided into 2 sessions . The first session was a graduation ceremony that begun at the afternoon . In this session, students were officially inaugurated, then there was some awards for best students best of each program. At the graduation ceremony , there were  152 students which consist of 5 students from D4 program of Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising , 37 students from Fashion Design , 37 students from the Fashion Business , 32 students from Artistic Make Up , 16 students from Digital Media Design , 18 students from Interior Design , and 7 students from Photography. In this special occasion, chosen 6 best students in academic from each department, and for this achievement they got a certificate, an Ipad Air and also Frank & Co White Gold Jewelerry Voucher worth $ 600 each from the sponsors. They were  Aswin Satriyo Aji from Fashion Design , Jessica Ariel of Fashion Business , Ivonne Prasetya Supandi from Interior Design , Patricia U from Digital Media Design , Pritha Primasari from Photography , and Agustina from Artistic Make Up. Besides that another 6 students were awarded as the best student in community service and got a certificate and branded eyewear from the sponsors.They were Giovanny Wanda Natasia from Fashion Design, Shani Amelia from Fashion Business, Pulung Jatmiko Arief from Interior Design ,Patricia U from Digital Media Design ,Pritha Primasari from Photography. and Niken Nicula from Artistic Make Up . The last but not least, Stevani Deborah Kelly got her award as Best Mini Collection .
Then in the second session , there were fashion shows where graduates of Fashion Design program showcased their own collections. It was started at 7pm and opened with Bala Turangga dance by EKI Dance Company. This Fashion Show has seven sequences , which are Sultanate ,Vanity Fair ,Retrospective, Cosmopolites ,Thermo Dynamix ,Kidswear Mini Collection and a collection of Febriyantin Athila , Hempel Award Finalist . During the fashion show , 65 young designers from LaSalle College Jakarta showcased 241 garments ,which consists of 10 industrial projects and 26 mini collections .

Outside the hall, there was also exhibition from various programs such as : artistic make-up performance featuring camuflagebatik body painting, Digital Media Design exhibition, the best collection by Deborah Kelly Stevani from Fashion Design, photography exhibition featuring 24 photographs , interior design installations which consist of hand- sketched drawings , furniture , handicrafts and mockups. Besides, Fashion Business program also exhibited some student brands, they were Harbringer , Amerie , Nuntenun and launched their new brands : Dex & Skye and White Waves .

The inspiration of this year’s graduation celebration show “I.MADE” is Indonesia , the country with beautiful archipelago, which is well known of its uniqueness . Mr. Douwes Lasmana , Head of Marketing & Communication said that ” This year,LaSalle College will showcase the masterpiece from the best young designer, inspired by Indonesian culture”.The event was packed with approximately 1.300 crowd from the media, industry, design enthusiast, blogger, and also highschool students

Congratulations to all graduates !

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IMG_4354.jpg IMG_4168.JPG IMG_4387.JPG
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Fashion Blast is annual event of Summarecon Mall Serpong. This year, the 4th Annual Fashion Blast was held in March 2014. Summarecon Mall Serpong cooperated with LaSalle College Jakarta to present Fashion Show on 8, 9, 15, and 16 March 2014.

This fashion show presented by Alumni and student from two programs, which are Fashion Design and Fashion Business. On first week, Gloria Agatha presented her collection, JII on March 8, 2014. She is Alumni of Fashion Design. After that, on March 9 by KLAUS & CO by Veronica Tanujaya, Chyntia Gading and Emily presented their collection on Fashion Show.

A week after, March 15, NUNTENUN by Anatasha Putri, Putri Chendra Kasih and Rayna Tambunan from Fashion Business program presented their collection which made of Tenun, Indonesian woven.

The last but not least, March 16 by Amerie by Shani Amelia, Anastasia Delia Liando and Reny Martha from Fashion Business students.

LaSalle College Jakarta always encourage their students and alumni to be able to compete in fashion industry.

LaSalle College Jakarta on FOCUS 2014

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Focus 2014 is The Biggest Digital Imaging Industry Expo in Indonesia. This event is annually held and this year was held at Jakarta Convention Center on 5-9 March 2014. This is first time for LaSalle College Jakarta to join this special event.  LaSalle College Jakarta opened its booth for 5 days. We introduce photography program and showcase some photography works.

Not only booth, we also held photo exhibition in photo exhibition area. It was great opportunity for LaSalle College Jakarta to showcase their student works. They were Jourdan Febu with “Bridge to The Sea” , Carleen Sutio with “You Talk Like Marline Dietrich, You Dance Like Zizi Jeanmaive”, Digo Budhi Milyarwan with “Suit Up”,  Aditya Tama Wijaya with “Life”, Vanessa Bernadette with “Black”, Muhammad Juliovimo Rivai with “Moving”, Pritha Primasari with “A Photo with Him for Us, A Lifetime Heartache for Him” , Endjie Herawati with “Little White Angel”,  Wina Namara with “Tears”, and Cleantha Audrey Salim with“Rebellious”.

That’s a proof that LaSalle College Jakarta always try to expose the student creativity through various event. LaSalle College Jakarta students and the alumni are expected to compete the national and international photography platform and contributing in the industry.



Jakarta, 2014- LaSalle College Jakarta held Interior Design, Digital Media Design, and Photography exhibition, themed “Fluxibility” on main atrium, Plaza Senayan one of the premium mall in Indonesia which held on 14 -15 February 2014.

Fluxibility  is a collaborative exhibition that features student works from Digital Media Design, Photography and Interior Design departments. The idea of this event is inspired from the visual expression on how we explored diverse medium and let the creativity flows. This event is also to share our understanding and exploration on ‘visual expression.

With various two dimension and three dimension art & design works, including photography, furniture and digital graphic works, the visitors would be able to define their own understanding of “‘visual expression” after enjoying the exhibition from 43 students.

The works in the exhibition were the works that they made during their study program at LaSalle College Jakarta. LaSalle College Jakarta committed to always try to expose the student creativity through various events. Next, LaSalle College  Jakarta will have a graduation event called I.MADE. Stay tuned!

Lately flood disaster has been a tragic problem that happen in Jakarta. Recently, this disaster happened again, 5,000 people at several locations across the Indonesian capital cannot live their life normally. Their houses are drowned by the flood water that reach more than 2 meters high.

LaSalle College International Jakarta together with MAPALA (Indonesian Student Association for Environmental & Adventure activity) did a fundraising from all students, staffs and teachers to give the flood victims logistical items that they need such as fresh food, medicines, toiletries and ect.

LaSalle College International Jakarta team went directly to the flooded area in Kampung Pulo area, one of the most inundated district in Jakarta to give the donation to the needs as a symbol of solidarity and cure. We hope that our donation can help them and the flood will be over as soon as possible.


LaSalle College International Jakarta Orientation was held on Multifunction room of LCI campus on 5 January 2013. The objective of Orientation Day is welcome new students which started on January intake, to introduce them about the college and make them feel like home.

The new students was given the detailed information about the college in preparation for them to be a college student. Mr. Mario Poulin, the General Director of LaSalle College International Jakarta greeted all the students and gave their welcome speech in the multifunction area followed Program Directors from each programs who took part in giving a brief-introduction on what will they learn during their study. After that, Academic Team and Finance department explained them about the rules & regulations and also the payment procedure. Then, they had the campus tour to get to know more about their new campus. In a glance, all students seemed pretty excited and enthusiast to pay attention to all given information.

Not only some information, our student counselor Ms, Ajeng Raviando, made the students get to know each other through a series of games and activities. All the students felt enjoy and entertained. It was even more excited when the Student Government Association (SGA) gave them the team building session.

Welcome new students !

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