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Talk Show Launching LuVe Litee Campina – LaSalle College International Surabaya

LuVe Litee Campina

If you think that ice cream has nothing to do with design or fashion in particular. Well, LaSalle College International Surabaya will show you the opposite.

It is not only that both of it give pleasure to and stimulate our senses, but also both of it started with creative fantasy feeling during its production process.

TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Last but not least the launching of the light in calory ice cream version is seriously, very, really related to the debatable regular request of being fashionable: it keeps you being slim fashionistas !

Since the week end is as good a time as any to press the refresh button on your look so Ms.Julanita, teacher of Fashion Design Program and Harumi Davita, also teacher of Fashion Business Program share to the audience the crucial tips and tricks of avoiding fashion disaster based on 5 different fashion character: sporty, bohemian, formal, party chic and vintage.

Lasalle Surabaya Presents LuVe Litee Campina

No one puts a look together quite like these two beautiful young ladies – which is precisely what makes their garment selection so completely covetable. They also give example how to instantly transform your look with a pair of boldly shaped shades or statement jewelry like a colorful, geometric door-knocker earrings.

Clearly the Talk Show make the audience very enthusiastic in participating. Should you want to be a expert as they are, join LaSalle College International Surabaya – Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate and Short Course of Fashion Business and Fashion Design Program.

Get a last bite of old price if you are interested and wanna be part of LCI, by calling Ms.Shelly, Icha or Putri 031.562.5000 before end of June !

LuVe Litee Campina TalkShow With Fashion Design and Fashion Business

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Talk Show With LuVe Litee Campina

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

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LaSalle College International Surabaya, The Jakarta Food And Fashion Festival 2012

Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012

Congratulations to Gabriel Soegiyono (the Rhododendron), Sylvia Siswanto (the Red Dadap Flower), Calvin Limanto (the Orang Utan), Sylvia Tjahjono (the Bali Barong), Carina Mulis , Mellisa Juanita (the Borneo Dwarf Kuau), Gracia Nathania (the Mambruk Bird), Yosephine Tjitro, Ammeta Firly (the Rhinoceros) and Devie Apriyana (the King Cockatoo), winners and finalists of The Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2012 whose considerable talent made this toughest year ever to judge.

The judges have tired of tricksy and trendy clothes and come up with a green life style spirited, nature inspired big bold designs.

Meriahnya Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012 2

Escorted by the Program Coordinator herself – Ms.Natalia Gunawan, the whole designs are nothing but beautiful, fantastical, and theatrical as anything these remarkably gifted students of Fashion Design Department of LaSalle College International Surabaya – terms 4 and 6.

Take example the one by Gabriel: the brazen pink flower petals with the spring green background stood up from all the other designs.

Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012 By Program Fashion Design 2

Whatever you see in this competition, it will take the lead in a borderless, avant-garde costume design for a long, long time.

One can’t help but following what these future young designers say loudly: we are so boring about being careless and neglecting Mother Nature and the 1001 Wonders of our dangerously beautiful Indonesia – we will turn up caring her, something that they hope all of us will start to follow suit.

If any of you feel the need to make a resolution, that’s one even LaSalle College International Surabaya agrees with.

So, what are you waiting for ? Join Fashion Design and Fashion Business Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate, Short Course Program NOW for September 2012 Intake and get the last bite of old price until end of June 2012 (for registration, call 031.562.5000 with Ms.Shelly, Icha, Putri, Monday – Saturday).

Penyerahan Hadiah Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012

Fashion Design and Fashion Business 2

Fashion Design Presents Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012 2

Peserta Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012 2

Penyerahan Hadiah Dalam Festival Boga dan Mode Jakarta 2012

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LaSalle College International Surabaya – inspiRED

InspiRED Multimedia Exhibition

Never one to shirk a challenge, LaSalle College International, Surabaya – Digital Media Design Program presents the first interactive multimedia exhibition at Ciputra World Mall atrium, May 25 – 27, 2012.

Taking “InspiRED” as title, this paperless exhibition inspires and speaks to the myriad expressions of modern and sleek techy crowd of Surabaya. Decorated in strong, bold but beautiful black and crimson red, it has a way overturning everything you know about an exhibition.


The school challenge its most creative students to rethink their notions of Design by using a unique and unexpected pallete of media – a completely dismantled big screens.

The results? Dazzling, distinctive pieces that elevate the notion of Graphic Design, multimedia design and photography + cinematography to an art form, inspiring a world of possibilities for themselves and the audience, who perversely attracted to it. The students understands well that when you set out to create something unique, you first have to seek out the best possible materials.

InspiRED Digital Design

Look at what Zulmi Noor Hasani – student of 6th term does within his sizable installation. He introduces video projection mapping: an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. He uses a specialized software to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. The result of Zulmi’s creative design is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.

Certainly it’s not the only action. We also hold a crowded interactive talkshow on “3D Animation Industry” by Jacky Tjahjadi – our own lecturer of Digital Media Design Diploma Program.

InspiRED Program Digital Design

On the second day, as part of the program, the Coordinator of newly opened Photography Program – Soejianto explains the vital and instrumental knowledge of Digital Photography.

The exhibition is closed by a “Break Out Games”, guided by the Coordinator of Digital Media Design Program himself, Julian Sun. Well, post this exhibition, we guarantee that after looking askance at people who cares passionately about digital media design, you will become one of them.

To do it right, join NOW Digital Media Design Program – LaSalle College International, Surabaya – Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate and Short Course Program – September 2012 Intake (Ms.Shelly/Icha/Putri – 031.562.5000 for valuable information and interesting payment arrangement: get the last bite of old price until end of June 2012).


InspiRED in Mall Ciputra World

InspiRED Digital Design Lasalle College International

InspiRED DKV in Mall Ciputra World

InspiRED Digital Design in Mall Ciputra World

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LaSalle College International Surabaya – Flowing Beauty for Chinese Dragon Year 2563

Chinese New Year

At the moment it is not uncommon to see every single one welcomes, celebrates or joins event of chinese new year event. Why not ? It’s fun, festive and sparkly.

What happens when you mix spirit of the dragon with Fashion ?

Taking place in Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel, LaSalle College International Surabaya presents one of its successful alumni: Margaretha Yusuf with her modified cheongsam.

IMLEK Lasalle College International Surabaya

As the show rolls on, the models are turning up decked in entire collections of flowing fabrics, piles of piles of satin and chiffon layers and handful of giant accessories in burgundy, magenta, creme, nude and peach.

She tells the press that “I like the idea of taking something soft and giving it a three dimensional quality” who works and sell her collection in Citraraya, Surabaya.

Well, we see it as one of the myriad ways to support our alumnis: bridging them to the real business exposure and elevating their profile communication.

Should you want to be supported by your education institution, join only LaSalle College International Surabaya – Fashion Design and Fashion Business Program (Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate and Short Course) for September 2012 Intake. Ms.Shelly/Icha/Putri – 031.562.5000 will always be ready to explain the benefit you will have as student and get the last bite of old price until end of June 2012.

Grand Mirama Mercure Hotel

Flowing Beauty di Tahun Naga 256

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“From Passion To Profession” – LaSalle College International Surabaya – May 2012 Intake Open House

Inspired by the success of many bright designers, LaSalle College International Surabaya brought you again this high-performance Open House to help continuously provoke the creative minds of Surabaya.

Design Fashion

With the appearance of our guest speaker, the famous Jakarta young talented designer, one of the 10 Dewi Magazine Fashion Knights, Barli Asmara, you will see a dramatic example of our very right chosen theme for this event.

Uniquely fresh, heavyweight design phylosophi, poreless integrity and passion with vigor, he shared with the audience the strength, weakness, apportunity, threat of building his Fashion Business, his new inspirations, his secret muse, his plan and many more.

Open House 2012

Including his family’s initial objection over his career choice, a problem indeed challenged many of our very students and countless many more young high school graduates out there. But as one adage that seems to make more sense as we get older said: everyone deserves a crossover that fits their life.

For us, one of the special joys of this event was that it contained the hard work, the idea, the fight and struggle, the dream of a young man that would inspire all the audience in finding the honest answer for the most inner basic question of life: what is actually our passion in this only one time life and would we searching honestly, truthfully and brave enough to stick to it, take the dramatic turns with all of its unexpected consequences?

WorkShop Barli Asmara

So it should have come as no surprise to us that hundred participants of the talk+trunk show were ecstatic for this event. Thanks to the deep question and answer sessions led by our Coordinator of Fashion Design Department, Ms.Natalia Gunawan and Coordinator of Fashion Business Department, Ms.Yudithy Ernalini. It was followed by seven full-classes workshops in Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, and Fashion Business. Barli Asmara joined all classes for Fashion Design and Fashion Business workshop classes.

We received hundreds of positive feed backs and responses on the following days. Should you miss our yesterday event, don’t make the same mistake this time: visit the center of living through design campus LaSalle College International, Jl.Imam Bonjol 126, Surabaya and call Shelly/Icha at 031.562.5000 for more information on interesting upcoming events or discount on registration fee !

Be part of those who gets Canadian curricullum and 2 years only Diploma 3 Program/3 years only Bachelor Level/1 year Certicate on Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design and Digital Media Design.

LCI Surabaya Open House Kelas Mei 2012

Fashion Business in Open House 2012

Design Interior in Open House 2012

Desain Fashion Open House 2012

Open House 2012 Desain Fashion LCI Surabaya

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LaSalle College International Surabaya Visited Indonesia Fashion Week

Over the end of January, conversation in the Academic and Coordiantors meeting revolved solely around The Indonesia Fashion Week.

February 23 – 26, 2012 Indonesia Fashion Week was the first national fashion week in Indonesia. It was a merger of major fashion events with three vital components (creativity, collaboration and commerce) that would accelerate Indonesia’s goal to soar in the global fashion business.

This biggest industrial Fashion event ever involved all supporting elements in Fashion Business: industry, community, creator / designer and last but not least the goverment that would be consistently agreed and believed that Fashion was not merely about creation, commodity or life style only. Considering seriously the aspect of prospective industrial business was a must should we aimed for Indonesian fashion branding to the world.

Truly aware of its importance, LaSalle College International Surabaya sent students of Fashion Design Diploma Program (chaperonned by Ms.Natalia Gunawan – the Coordinator) to Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

On the first day, they were attending trade shows, competition and seminars held by APPMI.
Followed by visiting major brands head offices and outlests in Jakarta and meeting with their management on the second day.

Surely, this kind of field trip was definitely valuable and fruitful to widen the Fashion Design and Fashion Business students horizon and experience and LaSalle College International Surabaya will always be committed to continue this noble tradition in supporting its students knowledge.

Join our Fashion Design and Fashion Business Diploma Program – April Intake and get Rp.712.500 registration discount (contact Ms.Shelly Walean/Isa Setiawatie – 031.5625000/2981 for further important and interesting information).

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Breakthrough Tips For Scarf Wear From LaSalle College International Surabaya

On a one fine evening of February 24, 2012, LaSalle College International Surabaya held an interactive talkshow on how to be creative with your fabric accessories.

While there was no shortage of curious faces in the audience, we were more thrilled to see so many Surabayan there who don’t normally have access to talkshows on Fashion – to get up close to the garments, have fun, and communicate with the speakers –our lecturers of Fashion Design Diploma Program Ms.Julanita Linasari and Ms.Rachel Felia who going above and beyond the call of duty- on stage. Those two ladies presented a luxurious approach to sustainable style when it came to scarves.

The event was a success, which confirms, I guess, just how fascinating the Fashion world has become to so many. More confirmation came a few moments later, the audiences were involved in the demonstration and question and answer session.

So, if your passion is to become a Fashion stylist with an international degree in Fashion Design or Fashion Business, Ms.Shelly Walean or Isa Setiawatie will happily answer your call on 031.5625000/2981 for April 2012 Intake and get Rp.712.500 registration discount.

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