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In style Hong Kong 2015

Program Director of Digital Media Design, Teddy Suteja, as a moderator for Digital Marketing Seminar in Style Hong Kong 2015

in style hong kong

Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya declared the activities of In Style Hong Kong that held in Jakarta, improving partnership between Indonesia and Hong Kong. Minister Arief Yahya said, In Style Hong Kong is an important business meeting for Indonesia.

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Interior Design Program for Jakarta Property Week 2015

Program Director of Interior Design Program, Katherine Suteja, participated in conducting a seminar of Personal Touch for your living Room in the Jakarta Property Week 2015.

interior design program

In the midst of a weakening property growth last year, took an initiative to present the Jakarta Property Week 2015 in Kartika Expo – Balai Kartini Jakarta, started from September, 17th -20th 2015 that was opened from 10 am to 9 pm. This event aims to help people find their dream property at an affordable price.

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LaSalle College Jakarta Has Organized The International Student’s Day

LaSalle College Jakarta has organized the first International Student’s Day on Sunday, 13 September 2015.

lasalle college jakarta

The event was joined by 5 of our new and current international students from Scotland, Portugal, United States of America, The Philippines and Hong Kong. The students were having a one-day city tour with Mr. Ahmad Fikri from the Academic Department as their chaperone.

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Geometric Graphic Design for Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, there are many tools and techniques you’ll want to master. Whether you use Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, other software or even the traditional pen and paper, we’ve got tips and tutorials that’ll help you develop your style, increase your skill set and inspire you to try something new.

geometric graphic design

We’ve rounded up our favorite examples of geometric patterns and designs featuring geometric shapes. Lately, we’ve noticed a lot of designers using geometric patterns, shapes and styles in their work. Using these shapes, the designs become a simple yet wholly striking work of art channeling influences from the design era of art decor.

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LaSalle College Jakarta and GEN FM anniversary 2015

Radio Gen FM 98.7 celebrated their 8th anniversary on August 2015, and they held the anniversary at Tribecca Mall Central Park west Jakarta on Sunday 6th September 2015

GEN FM anniversary 2015

In commemorating the anniversary, they presented music performance for teenagers and there were about a thousand “Sobat Gen” (Gen FM lovers) attended the event from 12.00 pm to 10 pm.

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LaSalle College Jakarta in ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015

Indonesia has hosted the ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015 which consists of various series of events held between February and June 2015 in Jakarta.

ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015

ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015 is a form of cooperation of The Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF), ASEAN, The Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and FEUI. AYCIF 2015 itself organized several activities, namely competition, exhibition, seminars, workshops, and also creative bazaar.

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LaSalle College Jakarta on Palm Award 2015 Plaza Senayan

In August 2015 – Again, LaSalle College Jakarta and Plaza Senayan mall collaborated in held a Palm Award 2015 event at main atrium Plaza Senayan.

palm award 2015

LaSalle College Jakarta collaborate with Plaza Senayan a premium shopping mall in Jakarta successfully held a yearly event called Palm Awards on Sunday, 30th August 2015 at main atrium Plaza Senayan. This annual event was held with the objective to give a learning opportunities to young talents who are passionate in the fashion industry.

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