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Achievements Lasalle College Indonesia

HDII Jatim visited to LaSalle College Surabaya

Mrs. Niken, the Vice Chairman of Himpunan Desain Interior Indonesia Jawa Timur (HDII Jatim) visited LaSalle College Surabaya a few days ago.

lasalle college surabaya

During her visit, she and other HDII members, like Mr hari Santoso, Mr Lucky Basuki and Mr Frenky Tanaya took the chance to take a look at some of our students work. In addition, they also discussed the opportunity of collaboration between Eastern Java HDII and LaSalle College Surabaya. This organization also serves as a place for students of Interior Design especially, to actualize themselves outside the school.

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Artistic Makeup Workshop

LaSalle College Surabaya presented the Artistic Makeup workshop at SMAK Santo Yusup Malang

Artistic MakeupA very good impression when artistic makeup workshop in one of the famous school in Malang, on 11 December 2015, with the theme of “beauty class”. The theme is taken to the workshop today was inspired from student experienced. As one example of the problem is about how to make eyebrows? That whereas the eyebrows in fur texture have very thin. Or even there’s a question that’s very familiar, such as how to make eye liner? How makeup to cover an acne? And much more.

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Malang Fashion Festival 2015 is a fashion show that organized by young people who are interested and concerned with the progress of fashion in Malang.

FASHION FESTIVAL 2015Not only that, Surabaya designers attended the Malang Fashion Festival 2015, such as Djoerwardi Denny, chairman of the East Java APPMI and Elok Rege Napio is one Surabaya designer who focused on kebaya and also displayed 10 works best. Diverse of themes raised in Malang Fashion Festival 2015.

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Mrs. Christine T. Hogan, Deputy Minister of International Trade visited Jakarta

Mrs. Christine T. Hogan, Deputy Minister of International Trade in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development for the Government of Canada was visited Jakarta and take the opportunity visited LaSalle College Jakarta a few weeks ago.

copy1During this visit Mrs. Hogan saw LaSalle College Jakarta facilities in both 2 LaSalle campuses, and some of the artwork done by LaSalle College students, also take the opportunity to interview some of LaSalle students and lecturers to get some information about LaSalle College Jakarta as the only one of Design school from Canada in Indonesia.

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Congratulations! Forty two graduates have accomplished diploma and certificate education at LaSalle College Surabaya.

lasalle college surabayaThis also signified the most graduates in the ten years of LaSalle College Surabaya’s existence. Four best graduates were chosen: Most Contributive Graduate was Talitha Fairuz, position for Best Portfolio was secured by Inas Fatina, Favorite Graduate by Dinda Gadis Prakasiwi, and the spot for Best Graduate was Citra Yohana’s.

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Interior Design Student Visit Klaasen Lighting Design

On 20 October 2015, 10 interior design students visited Klaasen Lighting Design Company, it was a great experience to have a direct visit to a lighting company, since lighting is one of the essential subject in interior design.

interior designFrom this visit, interior design students are able to understand about the lighting design better, because they could hear the process from the experts, for example the difference between the lighting in residential and commercial projects, sustainable lighting, and how the technical drawing really works in the real project.

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Propan Workshop at LaSalle College Jakarta

On Friday, 30 October 2015, LaSalle College Jakarta has a guest speaker came from PROPAN to share about product knowledge for interior design student.

lasalle college jakarta

At first, Mr. Aceng as a representation from PROPAN explained about basic materials of interior design, which related with paint or product from PROPAN, such as texture and color. Afterward, welearned about finishing, especially about wood finishing, what are the products for wood finishing until application step of finishing. From the explanation from Mr. Aceng, we learned about how influential the finishing on woods, not only for the beauty but also to maintain the quality from the woods itself. The various applications for the finishing also make the woods have more character from covering something that the woods lack of or even make the woods look more have a certain quality. Mr. Aceng then explained that finishing are varied, not only of melamine we know that very often we hear and see, especially in Indonesia, Mr. Aceng informed that Propan has many kinds of finishing products, such as PROPAN ANTIQUE FINISH , Impra melamine, PROPAN WOODSTAIN, ULTRAN WOOD FINISHING, PROPAN PU, etc. and some finishing products of propan can be practiced directly in workshop sessions that have been provided by Mr.Seno and colleagues who will take over for the workshop sessions.

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