Congratulations! Forty two graduates have accomplished diploma and certificate education at LaSalle College Surabaya.

lasalle college surabayaThis also signified the most graduates in the ten years of LaSalle College Surabaya’s existence. Four best graduates were chosen: Most Contributive Graduate was Talitha Fairuz, position for Best Portfolio was secured by Inas Fatina, Favorite Graduate by Dinda Gadis Prakasiwi, and the spot for Best Graduate was Citra Yohana’s.

Interior Design Student Visit Klaasen Lighting Design

On 20 October 2015, 10 interior design students visited Klaasen Lighting Design Company, it was a great experience to have a direct visit to a lighting company, since lighting is one of the essential subject in interior design.

interior designFrom this visit, interior design students are able to understand about the lighting design better, because they could hear the process from the experts, for example the difference between the lighting in residential and commercial projects, sustainable lighting, and how the technical drawing really works in the real project.

Propan Workshop at LaSalle College Jakarta

On Friday, 30 October 2015, LaSalle College Jakarta has a guest speaker came from PROPAN to share about product knowledge for interior design student.

lasalle college jakarta

At first, Mr. Aceng as a representation from PROPAN explained about basic materials of interior design, which related with paint or product from PROPAN, such as texture and color. Afterward, welearned about finishing, especially about wood finishing, what are the products for wood finishing until application step of finishing. From the explanation from Mr. Aceng, we learned about how influential the finishing on woods, not only for the beauty but also to maintain the quality from the woods itself. The various applications for the finishing also make the woods have more character from covering something that the woods lack of or even make the woods look more have a certain quality. Mr. Aceng then explained that finishing are varied, not only of melamine we know that very often we hear and see, especially in Indonesia, Mr. Aceng informed that Propan has many kinds of finishing products, such as PROPAN ANTIQUE FINISH , Impra melamine, PROPAN WOODSTAIN, ULTRAN WOOD FINISHING, PROPAN PU, etc. and some finishing products of propan can be practiced directly in workshop sessions that have been provided by Mr.Seno and colleagues who will take over for the workshop sessions.

Behance Portfolio Review at LaSalle College Jakarta

Twice annually, Behance presents Portfolio Review Week, an unprecedented series of volunteer-organized events that has spread to hundreds of cities internationally, with a goal of bringing together creative professionals.


Portfolio Review Week was born of a simple wish: to bring our thriving online community into offline spaces, where creatives can sit side by side, sharing their work and developing their craft. These events provide invaluable exposure for creatives, as well as the chance to learn new tricks of the trade from their peers and our experienced guest speakers.

LaSalle College Jakarta Organized a Halloween Event at Kota Kasablanka

On 25th October – 1st November 2015, LaSalle College Jakarta presented a Halloween event in a week at Mall Kota Kasablanka – Jakarta.


LaSalle College Jakarta showed to the visitors about some unique concept on our booth with theme: “Holow – Ween”, such as; a mysterious box that displays for virtual 3D reality from Digital Media Design program, exhibition of Interior Design and Photography, and also we had a Make Up booth for visitors who wanted to makeup with a Halloween theme.

LaSalle College Jakarta in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

LaSalle College Jakarta participated again in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 at Senayan City. We have 7 brands from 10 students and alumni to present their collection at this event.

jakarta fashion week 2016

One of Jakarta’s largest fashion event 2016 Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is be held on 24th to 30th October 2015 at Senayan City. The eighth annual event was not only present fashion trend for the upcoming year, but also highlight designs born from JFW’s collaboration with international designers.


LaSalle College Surabaya Participated in the Ciputra World Fashion Week 2015 event with the theme of The Portrait Of Love.


An annual event which was held by Ciputra World Mall in Surabaya, namely Ciputra World Fashion Week 2015 lasts for 4 days started from 16th – 20th September 2015. This event is always followed by many well-known Indonesian and international designers and fashion schools, especially in Surabaya region. The theme of LaSalle College Surabaya was The Portrait of Love by Frida Kahlo, not many people knew who the Frida Kahlo is, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican Painter who is best known for her self-portraits. Self-portraits were a dominant motif and then she had a love story with Diego Rivera. Kahlo once said “I paint myself Because I am so Often alone and Because I am the subject I know best”.