Open House and Design Competition 2015

LaSalle College Jakarta held the Open House and Design Competition 2015 in this month. We invited all high school students and also public to join our Design Competition 2015.

design competition 2015Welcoming our upcoming January 2016 intake, LaSalle College Jakarta held an Open House on Saturday (21/11) at LaSalle College Jakarta’s campus. This special event was attended more than 250 persons, and also they had a chance to get a lucky draw ‘”holiday trip – Bali Jakarta ticket return”.

The event started at 9 am for the re-registration, at the beginning, all the participants were greeted by Admission team, and we also had a quiz for all participants to make the atmosphere more attractive. Moreover, hundreds of participants were welcomed to get a special segment as well “aptitude test” at 10 am in LaSalle’s multifunction room. It run about an hour until they break for lunch at our mini food bazaar.

design competition 2015     design competition 2015

After that, the participants have been divided into groups of workshops, depend on the program they took. The workshops are consist of Fashion Design workshop, Fashion Business workshop, Digital Media Design workshop, Interior Design workshop, Photography workshop, and Artistic Make Up workshop. In the workshop time, the participants made and showed their mini works. They were also free to share and discuss to our lecturer related the workshop, and at the end we choose the best mini works from each program and we gave the prizes.

design competition 2015    design competition 2015 design competition 2015    IMG_4289 design competition 2015    5F6A9380

Every program also had the wonderful exhibitions; Fashion Design, window display, photo exhibition, Digital Media Design exhibition, and Interior Design installation, until Artistic Make Up panels. In this opportunity participants were able to explore and discover LaSalle College Jakarta Campus.

IMG_4209    IMG_4221

                      IMG_4212       design competition 2015

If you are interested in learning about Design, LaSalle College as an experienced institution with international quality is the perfect place to go. Don’t forget to come to our next event.

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