Artistic Makeup Workshop

LaSalle College Surabaya presented the Artistic Makeup workshop at SMAK Santo Yusup Malang

Artistic MakeupA very good impression when artistic makeup workshop in one of the famous school in Malang, on 11 December 2015, with the theme of “beauty class”. The theme is taken to the workshop today was inspired from student experienced. As one example of the problem is about how to make eyebrows? That whereas the eyebrows in fur texture have very thin. Or even there’s a question that’s very familiar, such as how to make eye liner? How makeup to cover an acne? And much more.

The workshop was very beneficial for the student. From the basic of learning basic make up, such as cleansing the face before using foundation, to use shading techniques taught by the teacher AMU of LaSalle College Surabaya and accompanied by student AMU as well. Audi as one of the participant in the workshop was already able to practice directly about the makeup tutorial to her class mates. With a short learning of make-up class and her magic finger – Audi’s hands were able to practice make-up beauty to her classmates. Started from eyebrows, blending colors for eye shadow, make eye liner, blushing some colors to put on her friends and even about shading techniques. Besides Audi could do that by her own, many other students could and have started practicing makeup beauty to theirself.

Artistic MakeupArtistic Makeup


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