Propan Workshop at LaSalle College Jakarta

On Friday, 30 October 2015, LaSalle College Jakarta has a guest speaker came from PROPAN to share about product knowledge for interior design student.

lasalle college jakarta

At first, Mr. Aceng as a representation from PROPAN explained about basic materials of interior design, which related with paint or product from PROPAN, such as texture and color. Afterward, welearned about finishing, especially about wood finishing, what are the products for wood finishing until application step of finishing. From the explanation from Mr. Aceng, we learned about how influential the finishing on woods, not only for the beauty but also to maintain the quality from the woods itself. The various applications for the finishing also make the woods have more character from covering something that the woods lack of or even make the woods look more have a certain quality. Mr. Aceng then explained that finishing are varied, not only of melamine we know that very often we hear and see, especially in Indonesia, Mr. Aceng informed that Propan has many kinds of finishing products, such as PROPAN ANTIQUE FINISH , Impra melamine, PROPAN WOODSTAIN, ULTRAN WOOD FINISHING, PROPAN PU, etc. and some finishing products of propan can be practiced directly in workshop sessions that have been provided by Mr.Seno and colleagues who will take over for the workshop sessions.

At the workshop time, Mr. Seno taught us from how to choose the finest woods from finishing until the way to apply finishing on the woods. Firstly, we learned how to do the sanding of the woods before finishing so that the woods would become smooth and clean and so the finishing would stick on the woods. The first product that we tried is ULTRAN POLITUR, finishing that give a transparent result so that the beauty of the woods texture could still be seen.

lasalle college jakarta  lasalle college jakarta

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Secondly, we tried out the IMPRA MELABRUSH product, finishing melamine that easy to be applied with the brush. It also have two component so that when the application time, melamine would not easily to dry.

Lastly, we tried PROPAN ANTIQUE FINISH, this product give an antique final result for the woods. After we studied how to do the application of finishing on the woods, we could practice it by ourselves since this method is not difficult to do. We hope that we can do another workshop like this, and it’s even more fun if we can directly visit all of the places that related with interior design. Because of this workshop, we gained a lot of knowledge as well aswider our knowledge that really useful for us in the near future.

lasalle college jakarta

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