Whatever Workshop is an Integrated art and Design agency

Whatever Workshop is an integrated art and design agency that provides various services related to fine art and artistic-based expertise.

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The Workshop itself consists of artist and designers from particular multi-disciplines educational background such as fine art, craft, and design. Formerly known as Liaison Project circa 2008-2013, we rebrand ourselves and focusing on maintaining a dynamic creative process and work towards our ideas together as an artist, conceptor, and visualizer. The conventional values of craftsmanship can be seen as the main basis of our works.

Whatever Workshop formed from 10 people who have different talents, which makes this unique agency. Some of them are graduates from ITB majoring of multimedia department, and some of them from UPH. ” Whatever Workshop” is providing services in the field of ‘Art and Design’, ranging from murals , branding , to interior design.

“Whatever Workshop” was first discovered by 3 people of its members, namely Wastu Widyawan, Renassya Intania, and Silk Djarot. Where they were classmates at ITB, they started all this with the name of “Liaison Project” which was later changed to “Whatever Workshop”

     art and designart and designart and design

This agency has an office precisely at Jl. Cipete 7 no.65, South Jakarta. The office is a home residence that they functioned as the office, the studio which is quite convenient for work, exchange ideas and also relax. This office works from Monday – Friday, on Monday where all members are required to attend to exchange ideas, and discuss the project that will they handle later on.

art and design   art and design

They think it is very interesting, they differentiate lounge and workspace, because ideas can not only be found on the desk alone. In the studio, there are a wide variety of artwork, samples, materials, furniture, some of the stuff they already apply to their projects.

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art and design art and design

Projects that they have done quite a lot. Ranging from well-known companies such as BMW, Hermes, and some name that is already well known as well. They began trying to produce “home living products” with the name of “Studio Half “.

Systems work that they are doing here is very interesting, they have the advantage with a sufficient number of members, and where each member has the ability and character are different. It is easier for them to exchange ideas, and produce work that is different in every project.

Systems that they have already applied can be quite professional, where they began to apply a monthly salary to each of its members. This office has been running for 2 years.

“Whatever workshop” is one of several agencies that provide services of “Art & Design”, this is an advantage for them which they apply the “art and design” concept into a single unit, depending on the project what they get. The process of completing the project began preceded by a discussion with the client. After that they begin to exchange ideas, provide ideas or even give solution to clients , until the idea was approved by the client.

It is not easy to get approval from the client, since some clients do not just call one agency and also the client will only choose one of them. So far “Whatever Workshop” has got some clients who already has a name, which makes them have a good portfolio that is quite convincing.

art and design

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