The best thing about studying in LaSalle College Jakarta is that you are constantly surrounded by creative people.

lasalle college jakarta

Often times, renowned artists or designers will come to our campus for seminar, short lecture, or just visiting. You never know who you will bump into, or even pop in your class while you are there. Such as last Wednesday, August 12th 2015, Rama Dauhan, one of Indonesia’s renowned fashion designer/stylist came by to LaSalle College Jakarta to give lecture in our Trend Analysis class of Fashion Design Program. He shared his experiences and expertise in the Indonesian fashion world with our students. Rama Dauhan was once appointed as head designer of well-known Indonesian fashion brands such (X)SML and Danjyo Hyoji. Now he owns his own signature brand, Rama Dauhan.

Ms. Monica Hapsari, lecturer of Trend Analysis class in Fashion Design program and a renowned artist and fashion illustrator, who is good friends with Mr. Dauhan, invited him to her class. He came in and gave a short lecture while showing lots of photos of his design works. In his lecture, he emphasized on the importance of fashion styling in fashion shows. He showed us how great styling can empower the look of certain garments. He also stayed along to hear our students gave their presentation while asking questions and giving inputs. His knowledge will certainly be valuable to us all. Thank you Rama Dauhan, we certainly would love to have you back here again at LaSalle College Jakarta. (Shinta Djiwatampu)

lasalle college jakarta

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