LaSalle College Jakarta Seminar with Irma Hardjakusumah

LaSalle College Jakarta invited Irma Hardjakusumah as a speaker to share her view regarding the multidisciplinary design and some of her previous major projects.

lasalle college jakarta

Irma Hardjakusumah, is an award-winning designer with a wide range of design vocabulary and over 15 years of experience in Multidisciplinary design marked with achievements in all fields related: exhibit design, event design, Experiential marketing, Retail/interior design and furniture desing.

On Wednesday, 12 August 2015, Irma came to LaSalle to do a seminar, she shared her view regarding the multidisciplinary design and some of her previous major projects.

                           lasalle college jakarta          lasalle college jakarta

First of all, she showed a slide, showing what multidisciplinary design is. She mentioned that Multidisciplinary Designer: designer who are not based on one subject/discipline, that  she borrowed the technology from other related industry, for example graphic, architecture, interior, and else.

lasalle college jakarta  lasalle college jakarta

Moreover, she explained about some of her previous projects. The design process, that everything needs to be precise with the materials, it is important as a designer that we could understand the production as well as the material. Since she took architecture for her bachelor degree, therefore she understands very well about the system and technical drawing. According to her, preparing the suitable budget for the clients is also important. So the client could 

lasalle college jakarta

Some of her projects for example: the Oscar’s Governors Ball, The Emmy Awards Governors Ball, Hollywood wax Museum, Havas Luxe Events (Swarovski, Audemars Piguet), and Burberry exhibition at Shanghai and Japan. She also mentioned that different countries have different preferences.



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