Artistic MakeUp students of LaSalle Involved in Musical Drama

LaSalle College Jakarta’s student from Artistic MakeUp program contributed in providing a makeup for the Theater Musical Drama “LOVE BEYOND 12 AM” at Balai Kartini. 
Artistic Make Up

LaSalle College Jakarta became one of the sponsors of NK Production this year, where 8 existing students and one alumnus from Artistic MakeUp program did make up for all the players in the musical drama entitled “LOVE BEYOND 12 AM” that was showed on Saturday August 1st, 2015 at Balai Kartini.

LOVE BEYOND 12 AM. The Musical tells the story of a love between Princess Evelyn who is blind and Prince Aaron who is ugly in the fight for their love story. Sincere love and the true love is a moral of this story. Besides romance, friendship between Prince and Princess Sheila Evelyn gave a message to the audience that a true friend is someone who is able to accept the flaws and who really we are in the real life. We hope all students of LaSalle could contribute again in another musical or even another show. 

artistic make up   artistic make up

           artistic make up                   artistic make up

artistic make up

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