Interior Design Workshop 101 Toolbox at INDOESTRI

On Tuesday, 28th July 2015, students of Furniture and production II class went to INDOESTRI to join the Interior Design workshop 101 toolbox.

interior design workshopPreviously, some of our students had visited the place and met the owner, Leo, sharing experience and the story of INDOESTRI. This time, students experienced creating their own toolbox, using the machine at the INDOESTRI.

So, first of all, safety is important while doing the workshop, so the students need to use a masker and also follow the safety instruction from the instructors. There were 6 instructors assisted each students from the beginning until the tool finally created nicely. It is important for the student that they could do the production by themselves, so that they realize how the production really works. It also enhances their thinking to how design a product that really could do, not only designing a pretty and nice design with impossible structure.

        interior design workshop        interior design workshop

Overall, student really enjoyed their experience doing the interior design workshop and hopefully we could do some collaboration again in the near future.

interior design workshop

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