Painting workshop at Nippon Paint

On June 23rd, 2015. Interior design students from ‘applied color’ class went to PT. NIPSEA PAINT and CHEMICALS (Nippon Paint) for the Nippon Momento Worksop I, Enhancer Series.

nippon paintThe great news is LaSalle College Jakarta is the first institutions who came for this workshop.The team from Nippon Paint welcomed us very nicely and brought all the students to the workshop area. They are Ms. Linda Kam, Yuliana Ekadewi, Wendy Lim and Foong Ser Leen. Firstly, they presented the about Trend Beyond Colors 2015/2016, as well as the Nippon Momento, Special effect paint. It was really interesting to see that painting nowadays it not only color, there are also texture and pattern.

nippon paint   nippon paint

After the presentation, they opened a question and answer session, where some of our students could also ask further about their enhancer series. On the left side of the wall, the team has prepared the paper for all of us to do the workshop, including the brush the two series, cloud and frost. Before doing the workshop, the team showed us the way to do the painting using the two special effects paint.

nippon paint   nippon paint

It was really great to experience directly how to paint that special effect paint, the team also assisted us to do the right way to paint. It is undeniable that different people could create different results, however overall the students had a great experience and was a really excited workshop. Looking forward for the next workshop in the near future!

nippon paint

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