Interior Design Held a Seminar of Predict Color Trend 2015

On Monday 15th of June, Interior Design department has been successful in organizing seminars and workshops at LaSalle College Jakarta campus which held by Aksata Communication.

interior designAksata Communication and LaSalle College Jakarta has managed to create a multifunction room becomes more attractive and interactive, this was due to the organization of seminars and workshops with the theme of “How To Predict Color Trend” which were filled by Dendi Daniyanti as a Brand Consultant and also Francis Surjasaputera which is President of HDII / President of APSDA as a speaker of the event.

In seminars and workshops which lasted nearly two hours, the multifuction room has been filled by the student of Interior Design and Fashion Business. Not only the students but the teachers also participate in this event. The seminar was talking about color trends that will appear in this year and next year. Dendi Daniyanti took the first session of the seminar by explaining the meaning of the colors in each brand in the world. And how does the color relate with the company’s logos. He also gave examples of brands that have a strong identity to the company’s colors.

 interior design    interior design

The second session of the seminar was taken by Mr. Francis Surjasaputera to explain some of the elements of color and its relation to the environment, social, economic and nationally and globally. He was very detailed in explaining every material in his powerpoint, which makes the student was happy with his presentation. After He finished giving those materials, we were invited to participate in a short workshop with trying to predict color trends 2015.

 interior design    interior design

We were divided several groups with each given a white board to put small pieces of HPL with various colors and textures. The workshop was very pleasant and made the students eager to produce colors that match with the theme. And Mr. Francis gave 10 questions that divided into 2 sections. Once completed, each group showed their project colors and gave their reasons why have chosen those colors.

  interior design   interior design

interior design The seminar and workshop was very interactive and interesting, because it could involve the students to participate in selecting the color trends. We hope there will be seminars and workshops again in the future.

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