Fashion Bloom 2015 LaSalle College Surabaya

LaSalle College Surabaya was successfully held the Fashion Bloom 2015 with theme of Geotribes

lasalle college surabaya

Fashion Bloom 2015 ended on Sunday night 24 May 2015 with nearly 20 millions of rupiah generated from students goods sales, one confirmed enrolment (Interior student), some hot admission prospects, better public awareness of our school and positive spirit toward better LaSalle.

The event would not happen without the dedicated army of teachers. I would like to thank everyone in the photo (from left to right): Ms Amelia, Ms Yosephin, Ms Nova, Ms Cindy, Ms Margaretha, Ms Rose, Ms Francisca, Ms Lulu, Mr Calvin and Ms Aurel for their excellent contribution in preparing all aspects of the event from start until the end.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the teachers who are not in the photo: Ms Lina who prepared the rotunda layout and the display furniture as well as assisted the loading until near dawn and gave the Mosaic workshop along with Ms Lala. Ms Martha who contacted LTPro which then become one of our sponsors as well as assisted with the make up for the fashion show models. Mr Kemal who prepared the photo shoot for creative materials and prepared the students to cover this event. Ms Johanna who prepared the design of all creative materials used in this event. Ms Hanaika who prepared the very informative talk show on Saturday. Mr Yulian Sun who prepared the games, animation on DMD

lasalle college surabaya

Many thanks also go to other teachers who directly or indirectly contribute to this event in Fashion Bloom 2015 LaSalle College Surabaya. Last but not least to all office staff: Ayu, Anne, Nenny, Ulfa, Cahyo, Farhan and Udhin as well as admission team: Diense and Dinda have given their best to this event. Great thanks also goes to all students participating in this event: Yosephin, Inas, Gadis, Marissa, Ayuni, Flo, Joan and Mega as well as many other students who helped with the show choreography, becoming stylists, dressers, etc.

Once again, Thank You!

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