Photography Competition and Interior Design Exhibition in Blooming Vision

LaSalle College Jakarta was successfully held the Photography Competition and Interior Design Exhibition 2015 in Blooming Vision at Atrium of Lotte Shopping Avenue on 22nd May 2015.

photography competitionLaSalle College Jakarta showed around 32 best photos from Photography students; Previan F Pangalila, Digo Budi Milyarwan, Syifa Fachrunissa, Annishya Muldya, Michelle Mulia, FX Adhika Dhananjaya, Davy Reinaldo, Shinta Hoed dan Vanessa Bernadette. And also 11 works from Interior Design students; Thalia Ishak, Helzeinka Igna, Kefi Harle, Iqbal Lazuardi, Jessica Hasan, Rizka Azalia, Alicia, Cassandra, Faleriano dan Iqna. We organized the Photography Competition to tone up and gave appreciation to young Photographers. Most of the participants were from high school student who really loved the photography and the young amateur photographers. During the show, there were exhibitions from Interior Design and Photography, we also had a talk show which invited speaker from

photography competition  photography competition  photography competition

The Competition began at 11am for the registration first and they got the guideline from the judgments regarding the rules and criteria. The contestants had about 2 hours to hunt the best angle or things to be taken. They could take anything inside the Lotte’s building. During the competition, Rotan123 taking over the place to share and talk about rattan wood to Interior Design students. They’re very enthusiastic about the talk show was.

photography competition    photography competitionphotography competition

Two hours passed, we found the winners of the Competition. Honestly, there were many great photos from the contestants, and so the judgments were confused to determine the winners. But the contestant from St John school had the best quality photo, so she was crowned as the 1st winner and got a prize of two million rupiah. And the favorite winner won by the contestant from Al-Azhar Kelapa Gading, she brought home a prize of one million rupiah from LaSalle College Jakarta. They both were very happy and could not wait to another photography competition from LaSalle College Jakarta.

photography competition   photography competition

photography competition

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