“The Nightmare Before Christmas” theatre at Ice Palace

The Nightmare Before Christmas

LaSalle College Jakarta on the theme of the nightmare before christmas is taking part in the event held by Jakarta performing Arts Community on its 2nd production, the Nightmare Before Christmas. Our talented Artistic Make Up students: Anisa Nurfitriani, Vina Linawati, Nofi Wanji, Natasha Suliawan, Elz Caren, Stella Juvany, Sherene Stephanie, Susanti Acai Tedja, Niken nicula, Millie wang, Agustina, Sanchia Janita Chang, Neha, and Annabel under the supervision of their Program Director, Mr Darwyn Tse, created the special effect make up and body as well as face painting for this famous musical play.

The result of the make up is really amazing, all the casts are all look similar to the real character from the animation.

The nightmare before Christmas performance by JPAC, will be shown for 4 days starting from 11 December 2014 – 14 December 2014 at the Ice Palace, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta!

Great Job Students!

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