“Transcendence” by LaSalle College Jakarta at Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Jakarta Fashion Week is an annual Fashion Event in Jakarta. This year is the Fifth year for LaSalle College Jakarta Participating in this event held at Senayan City.

“TRANSCENDENCE” is Theme this year which mean “ Overstep”, expecting that the designers can make creations out of the box. Students and Alumni LaSalle College Jakarta successfully amazed the audience.

7 Brands representing LaSalle College Jakarta:

Brand LINDA MULIA – by Linda Mulia

Brand NOUSSA – by Fariza Anshory

Brand FITLOSOPHY – by Anggi Lupitasari, Gabriel Olivia and Maharani Yogita

Brand BIZAREE – by Aginta Tamariska Bangun, Putri Hutami, Alodia Fedora and Sharin Sinarbung

Brand LIGNE – by Clarissa Hartawan and Fransisca Shannen

Brand JENNYFER OWEN – by Jennyfer Owen

Brand ANANSA Taira – by Anansa Taira

By Participating in Jakarta Fashion Week it’s a great opportunity to our students and alumni to compete on the national and international Fashion platform.

“Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta di Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 IMG_0899 IMG_0911 IMG_0942 IMG_0970 IMG_1003 IMG_1013 IMG_1043 IMG_1122 IMG_1283 “Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 “Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta dJakarta Fashion Week 2015 IMG_1620 IMG_1664 IMG_1678 IMG_1778 IMG_1835 IMG_1942 IMG_0899 “Transcendence” by LaSalle College Jakarta Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

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