LaSalle College Jakarta on Palm Award at Plaza Senayan 2014

LaSalle College Jakarta on Palm Award at Plaza Senayan 2014

Again, LaSalle College Jakarta collaborate with Plaza Senayan a premium shopping mall in Jakarta held an yearly event called Palm Awards on Sunday, 9th November 2014 at main atrium Plaza Senayan.

On this event, our 10 talented student and alumni from fashion design program show their collection themed “Javanese Lurik”, they are: Anansa Taira, Anya Sinta, Carin Sanjaya, Fangga Retta, Irvana Wijaya,

Jennyfer Owen, Junisia Hillery, Likly Tantra, Mutiara Ng and Stephanie Handojo.

This Annual Event main purpose is to find young talented fashion designer, then the winner will have the opportunity to study at LaSalle College Jakarta.

The Winners Are:

  1. Retnayu Jiwangga Reksaningrum
  2. Retno Wulan Pratiwi Komar
  3. Nusabela

Congratulations for the winner and welcome to LaSalle College Jakarta !

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