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The Body Shop – LaSalle College International Jakarta Collaboration on Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

Beside Signature 2014, LaSalle College also took part another fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. This year LaSalle College International Jakarta and The Body Shop was presented their Fashion Show with a theme : Colour Up with Colour Crush. The Fashion show was held at the Fashion Atrium of Senayan City on October 20, 2013. Here are the students and alumni from our Fashion Design Program showcased their garments,
1.     Greens by Regina Widjayanty
2.     Blues by Yuliana
3.     Nude & Corals by Ivena Anthonia
4.     Purples by Susanti Trisna and Priscilla Maharani
5.     Neutrals by Sanny Wang and Erwin
6.     Browns by Rahma Putri and Mellisa Lawijaya
7.     Pinks by Sanny Wang and Merlyn Widjaja
Artistic Make Up Program also took part as make up artist who did the make up for the models with colour crush from The Body Shop: Yosella, Vivi Suyenti, Susanti Tedja, Rina Lo, Seo Hyumi, Sheila Maria Nabilah, and Lidia Dia. This color crush show was successfully amazed the audience. 
LaSalle College International Jakarta always encourages their students to showcase their works through great collaboration. 
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LaSalle College International Jakarta on Pasar Design 2013

Indonesian Society of Interior Designers (HDII) in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Indonesian Furniture Designers Association (HDMI) held interior design exhibition. This event called Pasar Desain 2013 and was held in Grand Indonesia, November 6th – November 10th, 2013. This event became great opportunity for Interior Design’s students of LaSalle College International Jakarta to showcase their works.

There were 5 Interior Design students of LaSalle College International Jakarta who presented their masterpiece in this great event. They are Ivonne Prasetya Supandi with her STAPALA and Jefry Irianto who presented his  J- Chair. There is also Oblique Chair which designed by Novelia Kok. Besides that, Pulung Jatmiko Arief presented his Manual Hand Rendering and Syannet Laura Tatilu with her Presentation Board: Woodpark Children’s Hospital.

If you are interested in learning Interior Design, LaSalle College International as an experienced institution with international quality is the perfect place to go.

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