SIGNATURE 2014 On Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

As the biggest Fashion Week in Indonesia which became platforms of the Indonesian Fashion industry, Jakarta Fashion Week set the bar for the Indonesian Fashion, demonstrated the talent and creativity of fashion designers throughout Indonesia. As an International Design College, LaSalle College International Jakarta continually produce young talented designers who are ready to compete in the global creative industry.

This year LaSalle was back to present their 4th show in Jakarta Fashion Week which called Signature 2014. The Signature 2014 held at the Fashion Tent of Senayan City on October 20, 2013. Here are the students and alumni from our Fashion Design and Fashion Business Program showcased their latest collections:

1. LaSalle College International Jakarta Graduates Students: Aswin Satrio Aji, Lily Rika, Hisa Yo, Jesica Suprin, showing their graduate collections.
2. FER & DACT. By Feroline Anggraeni – “Morocco’s Echo”: Inspired by the culture and architecture from Morocco
3. NOW.HERE By Dhea Tanya Denada, Dian Joanita, and Kristina – “TRIANGLE”: A mens wear collection with a strong foundation or stability, as it is rooted to the ground through a solid base
4. Marie + Lu By Marsha Siagian and Yvonne Lumongga – “Intrepid Massai”: The synchronicity between a majestic Massai tribes man’s desire for freedom and the freedom of having work no longer
5. Andhita Siswandi By Andhita Siswandi – “One Fine Evening”: dedicated to urban women who want to show her feminine side in every appearance.

By participating in Jakarta Fashion Week, the graduates and students of LaSalle College International Jakarta had a unique opportunity to compete on the national and international Fashion platform and contributing in Fashion industry. LaSalle College International Jakarta is The Best Design College In Jakarta with international standards, offering an Advanced Diploma from Montréal, Canada.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

Signature 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week

LCI Jakarta On JFW 2014

Fashion Show JFW 2014

JFW 2014 Fashion Show

Signature 2014 On JFW 2014

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