Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

LaSalle International Making Inroads In Europe

LaSalle International announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with the design school Felicidad Duce, FDModa, thus making its debut in Europe. This partnership will allow FDModa, a key figure in higher Fashion education in Barcelona, to benefit from the strength of a network of 21 campuses located in 11 countries, thus ensuring global exposure.

FD Moda Barcelona

This partnership brings LaSalle International into a new phase and clearly demonstrates its willingness to develop and position its brand among the world’s best Fashion and Design schools. This association will also offer students of all campuses the opportunity to further their academic careers by participating in the network’s Study Abroad Program.

“We are very proud to welcome FDModa, a renowned educational institution that has managed over the years to develop an innovative educational concept in Spain, whose legacy the organization has taken pride in for over 85 years,” stated Claude Marchand, Executive Vice President of LaSalle International. To learn more: FDModa.

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