Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists From LaSalle College International Surabaya 24th June 2013.

LaSalle College International Surabaya is one of the pioneers in Fashion Design Program here in Surabaya. The alumnus and the students managed to participate in various recommended and prestigious competitions and also won them.

Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists From LCI Surabaya 24th June 2013

One of the competitions is AMICA Fashion Design Competition. On the year 2013, LaSalle College International Surabaya sent some of our students and alumnus to join in this competition. The result is two of them managed to become the TOP 10 Finalists.

Given the theme based on “Indonesian Culture” by the AMICA Committee, each of them pick one theme to be their inspiration. Calvin Limanto came up with the inspiration from a bird who nearly in extinction in Borneo, named “Sikep Madu”. His collection dominated by the color black and white as those two colors are the colors of the bird.

Gabriel Soegiyono found the inspiration from a traditional house from Toraja called “Tongkonan”. His collection consists of three colors: black, red and light brown as this colors are the only colors ever existed in Tongkonan. LaSalle College International Surabaya is really proud of their achievement, and we couldn’t help but to spread this good news to public of Surabaya.

On Monday, 24th June 2013, a media representative from Jawa Pos and JTV interviewed this two AMICA finalists and covered their stories on how to participate, found the inspiration and meet the deadline of making total six Designs ( garments ) and for sure on how to become the Top 10 finalists. The two media representatives were really enthusiast in interviewing Calvin and Gabriel. Those medias asked quite detailed questions to those two AMICA finalist from LaSalle College International Surabaya and covered their Designs well.

By doing this coverage, hopefully it can urge people who have passion for Fashion to join LaSalle College International Surabaya to reach out for their dreams on becoming a great Designer. Eureka !

You might be the next super FAB designers in the Fashion world ! Don’t hesitate to join with us here at LaSalle College International Surabaya. Submit now! Call now: 031. 562 5000 for more informations or else e-mail us:

Press Coverage Of AMICA Finalists

AMICA Finalists

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