LaSalle College International Surabaya Participated in Photography Day by Suara Surabaya Media, 23rd June 2013 At Pakuwon City.

Photography has become quite major in everbody’s life nowadays. We can say technology and lifestyle are behind this. People tend to take pictures and then upload them to Social Media just to spoil our narcissism. Many Photography events held everywhere to accommodate this, including in Surabaya.

Photography Day At Pakuwon City

One of them is the “Photography Day” held by Suara Surabaya Media, the leading radio station in Surabaya. LaSalle College Surabaya didn’t want to miss the chance to participate in it, to capture the attention from more or less 350 photographers / wannabes on our Photography program.

In this Photo Rally Competition, there were many spots, where the participants obliged to take shots. LaSalle College International Surabaya brought five garments of our alumni Margaretha Yusuf, alongside with the models to be the final spot of the competition. It was really interesting to see all the participants called out the models to look at them and their camera to be able to get the best shot. The beautiful dresses, the model’s expression matched up with the eagerness to win, from all the participants.

LaSalle College International Surabaya also managed to promote and socialized the Photography and other programs alongside with the intake date informations.

Are you the next big names in Photography field ? Let’s ensure your shots by join Photography program in LaSalle College International Surabaya for September Intake right now ! Please contact: Ms Titi / Ms Lisa or Mr Stevan: 031 – 562 5000 or e-mail us: for further informations.

LaSalle Surabaya On Photography Day At Pakuwon City

Photography Rally Competition At Pakuwon City

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