Fashion Show LaSalle College International Surabaya At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra, June 22nd 2013.

Think about celebrating weekend by hanging out at mall and mix it with attending a small Fashion Show, then this could be it. LaSalle College International Surabaya brought two of our alumnus to participate in Toping Off of Ciputra Hotel, held on Rotunda, V Walk – Ciputra World, Surabaya.

Those two designers from LaSalle, brought each of their mini collections, cited two really different lines. Gabriel Soegiyono came up with collections the Design inspired of senoritas in Spain doing “Flamenco Dance”. It showed on his Design sexy yet elegant lines from the dresses. We could feel sexy instantly just by looking at his collections.

Kristy Winaldy on the other hand represented the beauty of a true Indonesian lady. She came up with a mini collection of modern kebaya. By looking at her collection, we could sense the twist of traditional values with some modern values by the Design. “Eclectic” is the right word to describe her collections.

In shorter words, those two designers from LaSalle College International Surabaya managed to steal the lime light and lightened up the nite At Ciputra World that night. Bravo !

If you wanna be like them, doing what they love and be succesfull on the path you choose, Join Us in Fashion Design Program, LaSalle College International Surabaya. Now !

For further informations, please call: 031 562 5000 or e – mail us:

Fashion Show At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra LaSalle College International Surabaya

Toping Off Hotel Ciputra

Fashion Show At Toping Off Hotel Ciputra

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