Signature – LaSalle College International Jakarta Upcoming Designers Show

Fashion Design LaSalle College International Jakarta In Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

The third year for LaSalle College International Jakarta to be part of Jakarta Fashion Week. This time with SIGNATURE, the title of this Fashion Show featuring the collections of six talented alumni and graduates from LaSalle College International Jakarta, they are:

1. Erwin by Erwin – Solitude: Inspired by a fragile woman who protects herself behind ‘protective walls’ or ‘mask’

Erwin By Erwin

2. PiPPA by Fiandini Azzahra & Novita Setiawan – Apocalypse: A dark, feminine, quirky modern look

PiPPA Fashion Show In Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

3. Nine12 by Adiani Aisyah – Transitional: Inspired by a spider web that is translated into lace dress embroidery, introducing a new spin on ladylike dressing

Nine12 Fashion Show In JFW 2013

4. KLAUS by Veronika Tanukusuma, Emily Wijaya, and Cyntia Klaus Gading – Finesse of The Far East: Dedicated to ladies who take comfort and style as their fashion statement.

KLAUS Fashion Show In JFW 2013

5. Jii by Gloria Agatha – Willow Blues: Inspired by chinese ceramic dishes, with China Blue patterns or also known as Willow Pattern.

Jii By Gloria Agatha

6. Artinie by Suhartini – Lace Attraction: The vintage modern look inspired by the luxuriousness and graciousness of a goddess

Artinie By Suhartini In JFW 2013

During their study at LaSalle College International Jakarta, the graduates are trained to be ready to compete on the national and international fashion platform. With their passion, creativity and determination, the LaSalle graduates from Fashion Design and Fashion Business are a strong contributing factor in the exponential growth of the current fashion industry in Jakarta and Indonesia, and a force to be reckoned with.

About LaSalle College International Jakarta:
LaSalle College International (LCI) is an international Design College based in Canada since 1959. LCI is a member of the Canadian Network (Montréal & Vancouver). LaSalle College International first opened its doors in Jakarta in 1997. LaSalle College International Jakarta offers Bachelor level, Diploma and Certificates in six programs; Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Photography, Digital Media Design, Interior Design, and Artistic Make Up.

Supported by Indonesia’s creative industry and media, as one of the leader in international standard education in Fashion and Design in Indonesia, LaSalle College International Jakarta is proud to present this show, featuring our six young designers who are expected to rise and become familiar names in the Fashion Industry.


Nine 12


Jii By Gloria Agatha

Erwin By Erwin

Fashion Design LaSalle College International Jakarta In Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Artinie By Suhartini In JFW 2013

KLAUS Fashion Show In JFW 2013

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      Hi, thank you for nice comments. Yess dear, Jakarta now a days growth faster than years before in Fashion. If you’re visit Indonesia, please don’t be hesitate to shopping for Fashion in Jakarta.


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