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LuVe Litee Campina

If you think that ice cream has nothing to do with design or fashion in particular. Well, LaSalle College International Surabaya will show you the opposite.

It is not only that both of it give pleasure to and stimulate our senses, but also both of it started with creative fantasy feeling during its production process.

TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Last but not least the launching of the light in calory ice cream version is seriously, very, really related to the debatable regular request of being fashionable: it keeps you being slim fashionistas !

Since the week end is as good a time as any to press the refresh button on your look so Ms.Julanita, teacher of Fashion Design Program and Harumi Davita, also teacher of Fashion Business Program share to the audience the crucial tips and tricks of avoiding fashion disaster based on 5 different fashion character: sporty, bohemian, formal, party chic and vintage.

Lasalle Surabaya Presents LuVe Litee Campina

No one puts a look together quite like these two beautiful young ladies – which is precisely what makes their garment selection so completely covetable. They also give example how to instantly transform your look with a pair of boldly shaped shades or statement jewelry like a colorful, geometric door-knocker earrings.

Clearly the Talk Show make the audience very enthusiastic in participating. Should you want to be a expert as they are, join LaSalle College International Surabaya – Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate and Short Course of Fashion Business and Fashion Design Program.

Get a last bite of old price if you are interested and wanna be part of LCI, by calling Ms.Shelly, Icha or Putri 031.562.5000 before end of June !

LuVe Litee Campina TalkShow With Fashion Design and Fashion Business

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

Talk Show With LuVe Litee Campina

Lasalle College International Surabaya TalkShow LuVe Litee Campina

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