LaSalle College International Surabaya Visited Indonesia Fashion Week

Over the end of January, conversation in the Academic and Coordiantors meeting revolved solely around The Indonesia Fashion Week.

February 23 – 26, 2012 Indonesia Fashion Week was the first national fashion week in Indonesia. It was a merger of major fashion events with three vital components (creativity, collaboration and commerce) that would accelerate Indonesia’s goal to soar in the global fashion business.

This biggest industrial Fashion event ever involved all supporting elements in Fashion Business: industry, community, creator / designer and last but not least the goverment that would be consistently agreed and believed that Fashion was not merely about creation, commodity or life style only. Considering seriously the aspect of prospective industrial business was a must should we aimed for Indonesian fashion branding to the world.

Truly aware of its importance, LaSalle College International Surabaya sent students of Fashion Design Diploma Program (chaperonned by Ms.Natalia Gunawan – the Coordinator) to Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

On the first day, they were attending trade shows, competition and seminars held by APPMI.
Followed by visiting major brands head offices and outlests in Jakarta and meeting with their management on the second day.

Surely, this kind of field trip was definitely valuable and fruitful to widen the Fashion Design and Fashion Business students horizon and experience and LaSalle College International Surabaya will always be committed to continue this noble tradition in supporting its students knowledge.

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