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Meet Our Interior Design Program Coordinator : Christianto Roesli

Christianto Roesli

A graduate of the University of Trisakti with a major in Interior Design, and currently completing a Masters in Design, Christianto has vast expertise and many years of experience in the industry. In addition to his role as a Program Coordinator, Christianto remains active in the field. His work has often been featured in magazines such as Tren, Idea and Rumahku.

Previously, he was the official trainer for Indonesia’s Department of Foreign Affairs. Christianto is highly committed to conveying his expertise and knowledge to promising youth.

Interior Design Diploma & Certificate at LaSalle College International Jakarta

Interior Design Diploma & Certificate

The Interior Design Program at LaSalle College is designed to teach students how to work with materials, colours, textures and lighting in order to design pleasant, harmonious and comfortable interiors. They will also become familiar with ergonomics and the notions of balance and composition.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to understand a client’s needs; sketch and design plans for the development of interior spaces; recommend appropriate colours, materials and furniture; prepare estimates and technical plans; submit tenders and ensure that a project is completed in accordance with the pre-established plans and specifications.

For more information please call : +622157851819.

Interior Design Diploma & Certificate at LaSalle College International Jakarta

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Meet our Computer Graphics and Multimedia Coordinators

Anton Junaedi 

A graduate of STT Telkom Bandung, Anton has vast experience in the field of multimedia. He has handled such high-prestige projects as creating program promos for ASTRO TV, Channel Identity and Internstatials. He also has experience creating TVCs for products such as TRI, Jetz, Bonneto and Mix Max. In his free time, he enjoys watching football.

Teddy Suteja 

A member of the Art Directors Club of New York, he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a major in Graphic Design. He also co-owns a photography and graphic printing company in Jakarta. With both a father and sister who are professional photographers, the medium also comes naturally to Teddy. He does photography as a hobby and loves taking pictures when the mood takes him.

Computer Graphics and Multimedia at LaSalle College International Jakarta

The work of graphic designers is ever-present in our lives: the layout of your favourite magazine, the brand logos you recognize, annual reports and company websites, the label on your choice of wine and the characters of your favourite computer games.

Our Computer Graphics & Multimedia Program offers stimulating challenges for individuals who are passionate about computers and seeking a creative career involving design, digital imaging, sound and animation. Throughout your studies, you will discover the most popular layout, illustration and image editing software in the industry, develop your creativity and produce a unique portfolio that will enable you to obtain your next dream job!

More about our Computer Graphics and Multimedia Program

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LaSalle Exploring Pixar


SINGAPORE, JULY 18-20, 2010

In 20th year celebration of the Pixar animation, and coincided with the organizing CGOverDrive (the annual Computer Graphics Seminar), Lasalle made Singapore the target fieltrip for his CGMM Student. CGOverdrive was a yearly event that always was held in Singapore. This event always produced tens of Experts from various Computer Graphics Multimedia industries. The practitioners from famous animation house that was linked with the Film industry, and Game Industry will gather here each year.


During this year, CGOverDrive brought the superstar from Pixar Animation, named Alexander Woo. Also fames from a well-known Animation house like Polygon Picture, One Animation, Double Negative, FrameWorks, Lucas Film and from the Blender User Group Singapore (BUGS).

Participants Fieldtrip CGMM was restricted to the student in the second year. This was caused seminar material that will be attended by them in CGOverDrive was materials that really Advanced in Multimedia related and gave details of his presentation.

The first day, Lasalle attended two seminars. First was from Soh-Wee Lian from BUGS (Blender User Group Singapore) that brought the theme “Blender Showcase”. Blender is one OpenSource application to generate 3D animation and modeling. BUGS bring a big mission to escalate the Blender usage in Asia. Followed by the presentation from One-Animation Studio that operated on the creative concept from TV Series animation titled “Rob the Robot”. The second day, Alexander Woo bring four hours presentation that indeed was prepared to be the superstar from this events. Alexander Woo was the person behind success story of the “Ratatoullie”, “Wall-E”, and “UP”. Woo is one of the people who was involved in the story development of those Award-Winning films. Alexander Woo gave the explanation about the strength related in Pixar with the story. For his two hours of presentation, Woo that just aged 29 years old really explained to audience why Pixar chose him to be a Story artist. After lunch break, Woo continued his demonstration in one workshop that more in and details with the Cinematic Language. Woo explained with details of Visual Story principles with his presentation that was very interesting.

On the third day, is time when we had fun, lasalle visited Singapore Science Center to see from close to the Pixar Animation world. In here, was built a monument that contained about the history of the Pixar development interestingly, also was displayed all the Character Model from the Movie made from Gypsum block. Pixar gave the Visual Presentation on each corner, short movie, behind the scene footages and also their feature films in the format 3D. This experience was very interesting for lasalle CGMM Students. Lasalle will plan the visit to CGOverDrive this as fieldtrip yearly.

-anton Junaedi-
Multimedia Coordinator





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GENESIS : Creative Show 2010



LaSalle College International Jakarta  is proud to present Genesis, a creative and collaborative event, where Multi Media-Fashion Show, Seminar, Workshop, Exhibitions, Fashion Brand Booths, Multimedia Interactive Works, 3D,  Graphics including all the Graduating Students Works are on display for all to see as well as experiencing  "Living Through Design."

Students from all programs will offer a performance that is unique, original, and will focus on: Fashion Design; Fashion Business; Interior Design; Computer Graphics; Multimedia; Photography and Artistic Make-up.

You can be part of Genesis for only Rp. 50.000.- (students) and Rp. 100.000.- (public)

For tickets and reservation please call  021 5785 1819

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