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Again, LaSalle College Jakarta collaborate with Plaza Senayan a premium shopping mall in Jakarta held an yearly event called Palm Awards on Sunday, 9th November 2014 at main atrium Plaza Senayan.

On this event, our 10 talented student and alumni from fashion design program show their collection themed “Javanese Lurik”, they are: Anansa Taira, Anya Sinta, Carin Sanjaya, Fangga Retta, Irvana Wijaya,

Jennyfer Owen, Junisia Hillery, Likly Tantra, Mutiara Ng and Stephanie Handojo.

This Annual Event main purpose is to find young talented fashion designer, then the winner will have the opportunity to study at LaSalle College Jakarta.

The Winners Are:

  1. Retnayu Jiwangga Reksaningrum
  2. Retno Wulan Pratiwi Komar
  3. Nusabela

Congratulations for the winner and welcome to LaSalle College Jakarta!

LaSalle College Jakarta on Palm Awards 2014 IMG_2258 IMG_2285 IMG_2320 IMG_2336 IMG_2368 IMG_2380 IMG_2395 IMG_2411 IMG_2452 IMG_2475 IMG_2510 IMG_2530 IMG_2564 IMG_2577 IMG_2650 IMG_2824 IMG_2870 IMG_2925 IMG_2989 IMG_3019 IMG_3210 IMG_3246 IMG_3342 IMG_3475 IMG_3556 IMG_3660 IMG_3722 IMG_3823 IMG_3893 IMG_3988 IMG_4042 IMG_4106 IMG_4290 IMG_4454 IMG_4500 IMG_4552 IMG_4863 IMG_4964

Jakarta, November 2014 –LaSalle College Jakarta successfully held an event called POPFEST featuring Fashion Bloom and Beautyphoria on 12-15 November at Main Atrium Citywalk Sudirman.

PopFest featuring Fashion Bloom and Beautyphoria is a collaboration between all program at LaSalle College Jakarta, which are; Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Artistic Make Up, Interior Design, Digital Media Design and Photography. “POP ART” is theme for this year.

During 4 days, there were Fashion Bazaar by Fashion Business Program, various seminar, which are “Social Media – Knowing The Boundaries” by Nukman Luthfie and Leo Tobing, “Instagram Photography” by Bismo Satria and Adhi Bangsa Reksa, “Interior Design Seminar” by Jenny Kartika Harto and Laura Saputra, serta “Digital Media Design Seminar” by Ahda Firdaus.

Fashion Show was held on 14 and 15 November 2014 by Student LaSalle College Jakarta Fashion Business Program, they are: VALKYRIE, LIGNE, CUDDLE BUBBLE, A. LAVI, BIZZARE, KLAR, LONAPOP, MAENKAEN, ARTEESTIC, DE MION, FITLOSOPHY, DENIM ME!. Artistic Make Up Program also contribute on this show with a fascinating body painting themed “POP ART”.

On the 3rd day, there was Fashion Styling Competition which gain the excitement and enthusiasm of approximately 150 high school students from all around Jakarta.

We hope that student and alumni LaSalle College Jakarta can compete on the national and international design platform.

POPFEST FEATURING FASHION BLOOM AND BEAUTYPHORIA IMG_5544 IMG_5722 IMG_5825 IMG_5833 IMG_6034 IMG_6700 IMG_7219 IMG_7138 IMG_7302 IMG_7911 IMG_8030 copy IMG_8051 IMG_8117 IMG_8125


On October 2014, IKEA has opened its first store in Indonesia at Alam Sutera. Being a vibrant interior designer to be, level 5 students had a fieldtrip to IKEA. Ms. Ririn Basuki, the public relations at IKEA, welcomed us very nicely and was ready to explain us further about IKEA.


Ms. Ririn Basuki, explaining about the concept of IKEA

Ms. Ririn Basuki, explaining about the concept of IKEA

She mentioned the concept of each product in IKEA which are doing it differently, sustainability, democratic design and low cost, providing affordable home furnishing products, a combination of function, quality, design and value. Overall, assisting more people live a better life at home.

The most interesting thing about IKEA, they researched the way of people in Indonesia live by visiting some types of the Indonesian houses before they opened their store. They tried to find problems which people are facing and provide solutions. We could see in their showroom, there are some types of rooms for example how to manage a 25 m2 space that could fit a spacy and comfortable dining area, living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. They also figured that the general problem within the house is storage; therefore they try to provide much storage in the room so that the room will look neat and nice.

The designers of the IKEA are varied and derived from different countries and experiences, which finally create each product diverse and unique. Moreover, every product also has its own story, for example the hanging light which looks like a dandelion, sharing the story of the designer who was in his childhood playing in the field, blowing dandelion.


IKEA PS Maskros, imitates a dandelion ready to be scattered by the wind. By Marcus Arvonen.

IKEA PS Maskros, imitates a dandelion ready to be scattered by the wind. By Marcus Arvonen.



Besides, the function is also important, for instance the hanging light which could be adjustable for day and night. So the user could just open the light at day, and close it at night but still get the light.

In conclusion, our experience at IKEA Alam Sutera was about triggering our creativity and imagination. Proving that being a designer, we also need to concern about the users, the environment of the users, prices, and the future. While we are trying to create something nice and useful, we cannot forget that the design is a part of our life.


Wednesday 5th November 2014, LaSalle College Jakarta visited by Ms. Aya Fujisaki. She is a fashion designer that has a big influence for fashion industry on Japan especially Harajuku Style.

With her present at LaSalle College Jakarta, our student had a great inspiration and opportunity to know how to style like Harajuku without lacking sense of fashion.

Ms. Aya Fujisaki Fashion Designer Japan goes to LaSalle College Jakarta IMG_2128 IMG_2141 IMG_2152 IMG_2157

Jakarta Fashion Week is an annual Fashion Event in Jakarta. This year is the Fifth year for LaSalle College Jakarta Participating in this event held at Senayan City.

“TRANSCENDENCE” is Theme this year which mean “ Overstep”, expecting that the designers can make creations out of the box. Students and Alumni LaSalle College Jakarta successfully amazed the audience.

7 Brands representing LaSalle College Jakarta:

Brand LINDA MULIA – by Linda Mulia

Brand NOUSSA – by Fariza Anshory

Brand FITLOSOPHY – by Anggi Lupitasari, Gabriel Olivia and Maharani Yogita

Brand BIZAREE – by Aginta Tamariska Bangun, Putri Hutami, Alodia Fedora and Sharin Sinarbung

Brand LIGNE – by Clarissa Hartawan and Fransisca Shannen

Brand JENNYFER OWEN – by Jennyfer Owen

Brand ANANSA Taira – by Anansa Taira

By Participating in Jakarta Fashion Week it’s a great opportunity to our students and alumni to compete on the national and international Fashion platform.

“Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta di Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 IMG_0899 IMG_0911 IMG_0942 IMG_0970 IMG_1003 IMG_1013 IMG_1043 IMG_1122 IMG_1283 “Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 “Transcendence” LaSalle College Jakarta dJakarta Fashion Week 2015 IMG_1620 IMG_1664 IMG_1678 IMG_1778 IMG_1835 IMG_1942 IMG_0899 “Transcendence” by LaSalle College Jakarta Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Halloween at LaSalle College Jakarta!

October 31st, 2014 | Posted by DLasmana in News - (0 Comments)

All around the world celebrate Halloween party at 31st October every year, also with LaSalle College Jakarta.

The students are all excited and participated on the event with using any kind of costume based on their creativity, imagination, and uniqueness.

BEM (Student Body) as the organizer succeed to transform the student lounge to be an interesting place.


Happy Halloween Everyone!
















ID Goes to Yogyakarta

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Regarding the APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance) event which was held by HDII in Jogjakarta last September 2014, 15 students of the Interior Design program flight to Jogjakarta for few days. This event was usually held in other Asian country for example in China in 2010, India in 2012 and will be in Australia in 2016. Other than that, we did not want to miss the chance to experience Jogjakarta which is also known by the city of modern contemporary art of Indonesia; hence the students are also provided the opportunity to visit Amanjiwo Hotel as well as doing Batik Workshop at Batik Winotosastro.

The students joined this fieldtrip were from level 4, 5 and 6. Where the goals of this fieldtrip are to enrich student’s inspiration, wider the networks and the most important thing is to be updated with the interior design issues all over the East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceanic regions.

On the first day, students had the chance to go to Amanjiwo (Peaceful soul) Hotel in the afternoon, overlooks Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary. After having a proper afternoon tea, the students experienced a tour around the hotel, guided by a very pleasant staff from Amanjiwo Hotel. The staff shared the history, the concept and the design of the Hotel. This visit was also related to the level 4 students’ Hotel design project.

On the second day, students went to  APSDA event at Ambarukmo Palace Hotel, where they had some keynote speakers for the seminar for example Mr. Jooyun Kim (KOSID), Prof. Master David Koh (Malaysian Institue of Geomancy Sciences), Deborah Iskandar (Design Observer) as well as Hadiprana (Interior Design Firm). On this opportunity, students who are on the latest level could enrich their experience, meeting directly with other interior design practitioners. Also, all students could get more motivation and wider their knowledge about the latest interior design issue, preparing to free trade zone to come.

Finally, on the last day, we had a batik workshop at Winotosastro, where each student experienced creating a simple Batik on cotton, using both ‘canting’ and ‘cap’. That activity indeed gave the student new experience and inspiration about the Indonesian culture heritage.





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