AKULTURASI Creative Show 2015

LaSalle College Jakarta was successfully held its Annual Graduation Show, AKULTURASI Creative Show 2015 April 17th 2015 at The Hall Senayan City.

creative show

Akulturasi is a graduation celebration where 183 graduates of LaSalle College Jakarta showcase their design pieces through variety of activities; fashion show, interior design installation, digital media design exhibition and photography exhibition, artistic make up exhibition, and also interactive installation. Through this creative show, audiences will able to witness and experience the holistic concept of design. Offered by Fashion Design Program, Fashion Business Program, Artistic Make Up Program, Interior Design Program, Digital Media Program, and Photography Program.

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LaSalle College Jakarta Open House in March 2015

LaSalle College Jakarta invited the public to come to the Open House on 28th March 2015!

lasalle college jakartaThe Open House at LaSalle College Jakarta was held for welcoming perspective for our next academic term and to introduce the public about the college. This special event was attended more than 150 persons. the participants were divided into groups of workshops, depend on the program they took. During the workshop the participants had a chance to try and experience the lesson in the program they interested in. They were also free to share and discuss to our lecturer related to the workshop.

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fashion designLaSalle College Jakarta Fashion Design Department has organized another trip for its students. This time, the trip was held during one of the biggest fashion trade show in South East Asia, that is the 33rd Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair, or widely known as BIFF & BIL 2015. The trip was held from March 10th – 15th 2015. The aim of the trip is to experience the real international fashion trade show while finding sources of inspirations and learning cultures from other countries. The 6 days trip was jam packed with so many activities and visits, therefore the students gained a lot of experiences and knowledge from it.

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LaSalle College Jakarta in Higher Education Expo 2015

LaSalle College Jakarta participated in Higher Education Expo 2015 at Central Park 17 – 22 March 2015


LaSalle College Jakarta participated in Higher Education Expo 2015 at Central Park 17 -22 March 2015. There are some universities and college that also participated on this event.

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Interior Design Students in Singapore Design week

Interior Design Students’s LaSalle College Jakarta in Singapore Design Week.


Red Dot Design Awards Museum

On 11-13 March 2015, Interior Design students went to Singapore to experience Singapore Design Week. On the first day, we visited Red Dot Design Museum straightaway after lunch. Red Dot Design Museum presents the latest trends in the field of product, communication design and design concept from over 500 countries with a collection of more than 1,000 exhibits. Those exhibits are the winner of the Red Dot Design award. Therefore, we chose to visit the Red Dot Design Museum as the beginning of our exploration of Singapore Design Week. Continue reading

lasalle college surabaya

LaSalle College Surabaya Open House 2015

LaSalle College Surabaya invited prospective high school students and general public to its first Open House this year on Saturday, 14 March 2015.

lasalle college surabayaAround 150 turnouts were at this special event. A series of workshops have prepared at each department: Fashion Design offered Basic Illustration while Fashion Business set forth Window Display. Interior Design drew attention with Pottery Faux Painting and Digital Media Design with Digital Painting using Wacom Digitizer. Last but not least, Photography and Artistic Make Up were collaborating in presenting the theme of Horror Character Make Up. All participants enjoyed the event as well as our hospitality and comfy ambience following the major renovation earlier this year. Continue reading

LaSalle College Jakarta in Education and Training Expo at JCC 2015

Last week was an Education and Training Expo week event at Jakarta Convention Center.

Education and Training expo was held from 5 – 8 February 2015 in hall B Jakarta convention center. The event was followed by the University throughout Indonesia, and each university introduced the advantages of each theirs program by distributing media promotion such as brochures, leaflets, booklets, presentations, talk show at the event and etc.

Education and Training Expo 2015 has also become a booth decoration competition for each university. They designed their own booth with a very stately and beautiful with a specific theme. For this time, LaSalle College Jakarta provide theme that called with Eco Design.

education and trainingeducation and training

We did a lot activities there by giving presentation of LaSalle’s program to the visitor, and also gave some our media promotions and merchandiser product, especially for who wants to join our Workshop program in the next March 2015.

We are excited and pleased to join again in the next Education and Training expo event 2016.